New England Patriots upstream 25 points to win Super Bowl 51

New England Patriots upstream 25 points to win Super Bowl 51

Tom Brady became the first quarterback in American football history to win five Super Bowl championships after helping the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 on the evening of February 5.

New England Patriots upstream 25 points to win Super Bowl 51

A sleepless night for the city of Atlanta and the Falcons fans as the team takes them from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair. The team from Atlanta took a 28-3 lead early in the third half but let the Patriots come back to equalize 28-28 after the fourth half ended.

For the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, the match had to go to extra time and the bravery of the four-time champion team in the 21st century helped the Patriots to win. The “golden goal” was scored after James White’s late-court touch. The Patriots won the Super Bowl for the fifth time after the 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2014 seasons.

Midfielder Tom Brady has been the soul of all five Patriots championships and has received the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award four times in the Super Bowl, including against the Falcons just now. The 39-year-old star became the first midfielder to reach this milestone.

Meanwhile, the Falcons fell for the second time in the Super Bowl match. The first came in the 1998 season with a 19-34 defeat to the Denver Broncos.

The Patriots made a comeback that no other team has done in the Super Bowl match when they overcame the 25-point gap. The army from New England was led 3 to 28 in the third round and entered the fourth round with a score of 9-28. Falcons fans and players then began to celebrate the first Super Bowl championship.

The Falcons were undervalued compared to the Patriots before kick-off, but this didn’t show on the field. The Atlanta City team with rising midfielder Matt Ryan had a booming second half after drawing 0-0 in the first half. The Falcons made three touchdowns at the bottom of the field to lead 21-0 before the Patriots were able to equalize three points thanks to a successful kick from nearly 40 yards from Stephen Gostkowski.

The third half was not very good for the Patriots although they got six points from James White’s late touch, but before that the Falcons added up to seven points thanks to Tevin Coleman.

Entering the fourth half with a score of 9-28, not many people still believe in miracles for the Patriots, but now their pillars speak. Tom Brady made his second late-court touch of the game for Danny Amendola after the Patriots opened with three points thanks to a Stephen Gostkowski kick.

With 57 seconds remaining, James White made another late touch to bring back eight points, equalizing the score 28-28. The Falcons’ remaining efforts did not bring any points against the Patriots’ defense.

Having to go into extra time when they thought they were going to win the championship, the Falcons seemed to be demoralized and kept letting the Patriots push the ball to the end of the field. James White became a hero for the Patriots with his own third final touchdown in the Super Bowl. The Patriots won 34-28 against the Falcons.

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