League of Legends: Riot officially released the “full HD” version of the Thanh Hoa Porcelain skin line

League of Legends: Riot officially released the "full HD" version of the Thanh Hoa Porcelain skin line

The newest skin line of League of Legends released in 2022 will be called San Thanh Hoa. This is information that Riot has just introduced on the official Twitter of League of Legends.

League of Legends: Riot officially released the “full HD” version of the Thanh Hoa Porcelain skin line

Like the details leaked not long ago, the champions appearing in this new skin line include Amumu, Ezreal, Kindred, Lissandra and Lux, of which Lux has an additional branded version. This further proves that Lux is Riot’s “baby” when becoming the second champion to own a branded skin since this system was launched in 2019.

Tsinghua Porcelain is a skin line to welcome the new year for Asian countries, so it is understandable that Riot is directly inspired by the noble ceramics in China. With the main color being white combined with blue textures, this Tsinghua Porcelain skin set also has designs based on popular products made from this type of porcelain such as teapots, dishes set…

In addition, the plot of the Tsinghua Porcelain skin line is also quite attractive when each champion in this skin owns relics related to the gods in the 12 zodiac signs. Ezreal will keep the Tiger relic while Lux owns the Crown relic. The relics Ti, Snake, and Tuat will represent each skin of Amumu, Lissandra and Kindred, respectively.

While Lux owns a brand-name skin, Ezreal is not inferior when the champion’s Tsinghua Porcelain skin will be designed as a Legendary skin. In addition to the visual effects and beautiful moves, every time Ezreal returns, there will be a familiar melody of the song “Tsinghua Porcelain”, a very familiar hit by Jay Chou and the same name as this skin. .

The Tsinghua Porcelain skin series will soon be available on the PBE test server and the official launch date has not been determined yet. However, based on the approaching Lunar New Year 2022, the community thinks that this new group of skins will most likely land in version 12.2, time around the last week of January.

League of Legends: Frozen Upgrade – New “national” Gem for Resist Supports

If you are a regular support player, you are probably no stranger to gems like Aftershock for tank champions with hard control like Leona, Thresh, Nautilus… or Guardian for support champions. protective tendencies like Karma, Lulu… Each rune has its own effect, but in the current version there’s a rising gem that is making headlines in solo queue matches and some pre-season tournaments. prize – Ice upgrade.

It’s not far off when in the last Demacia Cup 2021, support players preferred Frost Upgrade over gems for previous drag and block champions like Aftershocks. Especially in both the finals between FPX and TES, the supports of both sides chose it as an auxiliary rune for their champions. So what makes the Frost Upgrade so popular?

Of course, the main reason for the rune gems being used again, forgotten champions suddenly returning to the Justice League was largely affected by the buffs and nefts in the updated versions. Specifically, in the last version 11.24, Riot Games has slightly increased the control ability for the Frozen Upgrade Gem from 7% → 9% of the healing power and shield to match tank champions. .

Meanwhile, the directly competitive rune, Aftershock, has been nefted for a long time (9.23), but because it is the only rune that is suitable for support champions with a tendency to block attacks, it is still used until the end of the season.

Comparing a little bit about the parameters of the 2 rune gems, it can be seen that Aftershocks change with the tendency of the resistance index to add little and depend a lot on the resistance equipment (80%). But the Support champions will often not be economically abundant, so optimizing that stat is not easy.

Meanwhile, Frozen Upgrade will provide more control and especially reduce damage dealt to allies – 15%, which will be extremely advantageous in 2vs2 phases in the bot lane and other phases. Teamfight if you can use skills on enemy assassins or mainstays.

Obviously in terms of utility, Frost Upgrade is completely superior to Aftershock. Although losing some resistance, but in return is the opportunity to control and reduce enemy damage. This has helped it to be used by many players at the present time.

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