Just on PC Final Fantasy VII Remake has been turned into a true 18+ game “blushing” when I see Tifa

Just on PC Final Fantasy VII Remake has been turned into a true 18+ game "blushing" when I see Tifa

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most anticipated games by PC gamers in the last days of 2021. And indeed, this version did not disappoint PC players. Most especially, any game that steps on the PC platform will immediately have mod versions born, Final Fantasy VII Remake is no exception.

Just on PC Final Fantasy VII Remake has been turned into a true 18+ game “blushing” when I see Tifa

Recently, the gaming community was extremely “shocked” before a scene believed to be a mod version of Final Fantasy VII Remake. In which, making the character Tifa become as sexy and hot as possible and of course indispensable “revealing” scenes that make players blush too.

This is inherently not a strange story when with the power and freedom of customization on PC, every game that is almost impossible to change on Console will be modded easily. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the same and of course “mods” will not be able to ignore Tifa – which is one of the hot topics of the coser world and is the most popular female character in history. World game village.

Recently, Tifa is the most searched “hot” keyword. Most interestingly, Tifa is not only “searched” on Google, but also on 18+ web sites, which also spiked. It is also because of the renewed sexy element in the Remake version that immediately after its debut, Tifa was transformed by many cosplayers into extremely magical and sexy in real life. And now, Tifa will also show her sexy right in the game through the “transforming” hands of the magicians.

Riot revealed the skill set of new champion Zeri

A few days ago, Riot released the splash art of the new champion Zeri . According to what has been revealed, this is a Gunner with from Zaun and skills she is using electricity. In particular, according to what Riot revealed in the previous splash art, it can be said that the new champion Zeri is extremely mobile, exactly as her description is revealed: moving non-stop.

It can be said that the new champion will be another mobile ADC, but when her splash art is released, many people still have to guess about this champion’s set of moves.

And recently, to satisfy the expectations of the gaming community, Riot also released a clip of Zeri’s skill set. As expected, this champion is extremely mobile and the set of moves is also quite beautiful with brilliant sparks every time she attacks. But the special thing is, even Zeri’s normal attack is quite strange.

That is, instead of launching a certain projectile like Lucian, Jhin…, her basic attack is no different from Lucian’s R – Purge when launching a series of bullets. In addition, Zeri can also be seen as an effective counter tanker general with the ability to steal the opponent’s shield, as in the clip she steals Urgot’s shield.

And Zeri’s ultimate is quite beautiful with a large impact. Although the specific use of this move is unknown, it is possible to increase the damage of Zeri. And because the clip revolves around each of these champions, it’s impossible to guess whether Zeri’s moves will have any effect on allied champions. And yet, Zeri also has the same ability to cross terrain as Talon.

Besides, Zeri also left many mixed comments around his skill set. Some League of Legends fans commented that her kit, including her basic attacks, is similar to the combination of many other champions’ skills.

But there are also many opinions that Riot is really out of ideas in creating pure champions like before. If in the previous stage, only a few names such as Tristana, Lucian, Vayne, Ezreal… had the skill of “gliding”, being able to escape when necessary, while the vast majority like Jhin, Caitlyn, Jinx or even “200 years of experience in making games” Aphelios all need equipment to protect themselves, the recent champions have been given the ability to surf too much by Riot (Viego, Gwen, Akshan, Vex, and now… Zeri).

In the near future, details about each skill of the new champion Zeri will be officially announced. Certainly, the League of Legends community will not expect a name with Riot’s “200 years of game-making experience” to appear in Summoner’s Rifts anymore, especially when Viego, Vex or Gwen, Aphelios are still proving too powerful.

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