Badlanders New generation survival shooter about to land in Vietnam

Good news for the followers of the FPS series, the mobile game Badlanders (BL) is about to land in Vietnam, “threatening” the position of the current popular survival shooter series with the message “Shooter game”. new generation survival”!

Badlanders New generation survival shooter about to land in Vietnam

In the past few years, survival shooters have been keeping a top performance in the Vietnamese game market. There is no denying the success of names like Free Fire, PUBG, Call of Duty…. But to please the 4.0 gaming community, the FPS game market needs to be blown into a new breeze, a different game, with a completely outstanding interface and features, bringing gamers to the top experiences in the world. shooting game series.

Recently, information leaked that a “big man” in Vietnam shook hands with popular publisher NetEase with the game Badlanders (BL) to launch a Vietnamese game, promising to become a blockbuster in 2022 with the message “Shooting game for survival” new generation”.

New in shape and plot, Badlanders (BL) is set in 2048, after a disaster, Prism Corporation builds a team to save the world, the goal is to find, recover and protect technologies. state-of-the-art has been lost. Players will be one of the first recovery team members to train and have to go through many extreme situations in virtual training. Surviving and finding cutting-edge technologies is the goal of survival.

Not only giving gamers new and exciting experiences, Badlanders (BL) also impresses with top-notch graphics quality. When teasing the first images, this game overwhelmed the community with its vividness to detail, many gamers also said that the graphics quality of Badlanders (BL) is somewhat superior to a game. number of “monument” survival shooters go ahead.

In the coming time, Badlanders (BL) will continue to reveal many unique features and unprecedented exciting events, promising to bring memorable first-hand experiences to the gaming community. From now on, follow and update the latest news about this game at the Badlanders VN Fanpage and the Badlanders VN Community Group – Official .

FBANG SEA EC 2021 – PUBG Mobile: The championship is called GEEK FAM

As we expected, that the group stage is only the place where the strong teams test and play cautiously to test the strength of other teams in the region, the final round is when the teams show their true nature. and its unique gameplay. GEEK FAM was extremely patient until the last games, and then picked up the championship, which Moi personally commented was extremely worthy.

For many people, Thailand’s FAZE is the best competitive team, when they not only have outstanding individuals but also possess attractive and intelligent gameplay. However, PUBG Mobile is a survival game, so the one who survives to the end is the winner, GEEK FAM is such a team.

During the first two days of the final round, FAZE was still a bit too strong compared to the other teams as their scores were always at the top. That overwhelming power thought it would hold and this would be the PUBG Mobile champion of FBANG SEA EC 2021, but no, the turning point is always at the end. Infinity was the team to challenge first on the final day when their sensible changes in tactics caused the table to change. “Hidden” – GEEK FAM is the real boss. It wasn’t until the last game that they let the world know they were the champions.

Winning the Chicken Dinner in the Miramar game (15th game of the final round) of Eagle Esports also helped them win the top 3 from FAZE’s hand thanks to the final points. Although D’Xavior did not win any Chicken Dinner, he still excelled in the top 5 thanks to his bravery and accumulated experience. For us, the fact that both teams are in the top 5 is the most wonderful and proud thing. Congratulations to both teams, as they not only bring us uplifting emotions but also demonstrate national pride.

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