Fashion highlights spring and summer 2022 new hope in old nostalgia

Fashion highlights spring and summer 2022 new hope in old nostalgia

Spring – Summer 2022 is a fashion week of many emotions and memorable moments, marking the return to the real catwalk after a confusing year due to the epidemic. When everything is just starting to slowly return to the “new normal”, the future is not really bright. So, instead of joining the uncertain psychology of anxiety about the future, the fashion industry chooses to look back to the beautiful moments of the previous decades to enter 2022 with optimism.

Fashion highlights spring and summer 2022 new hope in old nostalgia

The first big trend of Spring – Summer 2022 is Y2K , which has dominated since Autumn – Winter. The epic comeback of 2000s fashion is explained by Gen Z ‘s fashion trend on social network TikTok. Pastel tones, especially lovely Barbie pink, butterfly motifs on accessories and video filters, sparkling effects of glittering crystal stones and especially tight-fitting, minimal clothing sexy.

The 2000s were the heyday of Italian brands like Versace , Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana with their provocative Eurotrash style. It was also the “time” of Paris Hilton , a fashion icon that has strongly influenced our living habits today (Yes, Paris is the birthplace of the hobby of “selfie”). Movies like Mean Girls, Clueless also created classic fashion moments that are inspirational to this day.

When it comes to Y2K fashion, it must be said that it is extremely sexy through clothes that reveal a lot of skin, animal prints and lace. Dolce & Gabbana remixed the famous but more dramatic Spring-Summer 2005 collection with gem colors, glittery details that covered the outfit and maximum block in the sleeves.

At Roberto Cavalli is an overwhelming influx of wildlife motifs, including a tiger face motif that recreates a classic design of the founder. Missoni and Blumarine combine bikinis just enough to cover the parts that need to be covered with mini skirts, ultra-short shorts and long pants. The most surprising is Miu Miu bold appearance with low waisted skirt and super short crop top.

In the accessories segment, the two most popular Y2K-style brands are BY FAR and rookie forBitches with armpit bags that are enthusiastically promoted by It-Girls like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber , and Bella Hadid. . If BY FAR is aimed at timeless simplicity, forBitches has a mischievous and innovative design with a doll-like design, very trendy when appearing on Instagram or TikTok.

In the ’90s, Helmut Lang was an icon and pride of New York fashion, and even today his influence remains undiminished. The designs, though simple but highly applicable, are still an inspiration for both young and veteran designers. Helmut Lang’s signature can be clearly seen in Peter Do and Eckhaus Latta’s collection at New York Fashion Week.

Known for his variation of tank tops, bold cuts and transparent material combinations, Helmut Lang’s fleshly temptations are fully exploited and somewhat daring by Eckhaus Latta. more than that. The couple Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta did not hesitate to reveal the soft curves of a woman through the see-through material, the tight figure and the solid look on the ribs or chest.

There are still tight knits, but Peter Do doesn’t focus on the erotic side, but combines his strengths in tailoring in long coats and flared trousers. Simple yet sophisticated, the Vietnamese-born designer has successfully revived the proud spirit of Helmut Lang of New York.

With a designer who has or is working for a brand, his personal impression is built before and while in that brand. On the runway Spring – Summer 2022, we encounter two names whose distinct style has returned after a period of absence.

There are many opinions that Riccardo Tisci cannot create miracles at Burberry like he did at Givenchy, but starting from two Spring-Summer collections for both men and women, we see the unique qualities that make up a Riccardo Tisci. bold in mixing streetwear and glamor as seen at Givenchy. In addition to the recognizable formula of symmetrical shapes and textures, Tisci also offers a surprising and provocative look on classic Burberry jackets by transforming the structure and removing the back of the shirt. a shirt.

Dubbed the romantic prince of European fashionWith a melancholy beauty, Olivier Theyskens is a name that is always supported and expected by the fashion world to return. Lessons from Rochas and Nina Ricci once made him more cautious and try to become more commercial when re-appearing with his own brand and Azzaro couture line. With this collection, we get to see the Olivier Theyskens we once loved again.

Despite trends, commerce and social media (at the time of the introduction, it was also when Facebook and Instagram had global errors), this collection is really a proud sublimation of a designer. There is no backing of a strong team of skilled craftsmen, but each design is a display of high-class techniques such as twill stitching, hand-dying and feathering. This is a true case for the saying: “You are most perfect when you are yourself”.

With long-standing big brands, it is obvious that incumbent designers are looking for inspiration from “the classics”. Perhaps for the first time, Maria Grazia Chiuri offers a really fresh look compared to her previous collections at Dior . With the desire to bring a positive, youthful and brilliant message into the future, perhaps nothing is more perfect than the 60s., specifically Marc Bohan’s period at Dior.

Abandoning the old and introducing a new Dior in the world of high-end ready-to-wear with minimalist fashion with delicate cuts, youthful mini skirts combined with a striking color palette are what Dior remembers. by Marc Bohan. Maria Grazia has upgraded the old version by shortening the skirt length, making the overall look more youthful. The combination of pop colors and graphics instead of elaborate attachments like the makeover of the Dior girl we used to know.

Chanel ‘s Spring-Summer 2022 runway was held at the Grand Palais Éphémère to recreate the atmosphere of the 80s and 90s. Not only the catwalk, the models’ costumes and performances also evoked the old days. feelings of the golden age (how long has it been since we have seen models walking gracefully with bright smiles?).

Virginie Viard focuses on classic Chanel elements under Karl Lagerfeld such as the inverted double C logo, tweed suit and quilted handbag with chain strap. Besides the mini-suits with sweet pastel colors, the highlight of the collection is the swimsuits that appear at the right time.

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