Should you reuse or replace your wardrobe for tet the following 7 suggestions will help you find the answer

Should you reuse or replace your wardrobe for tet the following 7 suggestions will help you find the answer

Are you having a headache not knowing whether to reuse existing items or buy new clothes for the upcoming Tet holiday? Starting to clean out the wardrobe, then adding a few basic items is a suggestion to help you “go both ways”.

Should you reuse or replace your wardrobe for tet the following 7 suggestions will help you find the answer

Items that are stacked or hung out of sight are often “hidden” from our memory. This easily leads to repeat purchases of existing clothing styles. So before you go shopping, take time to look at the “treasure” and make a note of what is and is missing.

Remembering our wardrobe also helps us shop smarter, for example this shirt can be worn with any dress we already have; Are these shoes suitable for your wardrobe… Currently, there are many apps on your phone to help you manage your wardrobe.

After you have a list of items you have and need to buy new, the next step you need to do is to sift through old, damaged or have some small errors that you accidentally forgot. You only need to keep the items that can be repaired, can be renewed by combining with other outfit designs. If neither of the above methods is possible, you should say goodbye to items that no longer fit or no longer fit your current style.

However, not all of us easily throw away old items. Leaving an item sometimes means letting go of the good memories associated with it. If you’re hesitant about getting rid of an old piece, hang it outside and do a follow-up to see how many times you’ve worn it. If the number of re-wearing is too little or almost none, boldly say goodbye to it.

A clever way to keep your wardrobe balanced is the “one in – one out” formula: Every time you “put” a brand-new item into the closet, try to see if there is an item that can be removed. or not. Instead of throwing it away, you can resell, donate, or donate to charities.

This way both helps to keep the closet tidy and helps you feel more confident in the new item you buy. You will only buy the item you really love, because it means that a certain old item is about to go away. And of course, this shopping secret only works when you are really strict with yourself.

Have you ever thought about swapping clothes with your best friend? Try applying the “one in – one out” principle above by talking to your friend. Who knows, you might find something you like from her wardrobe and vice versa. It doesn’t have to be a one-for-one, you can gather all of your friends, open a “swap party” at home. In this way, we can both dispose of old things, protect the environment and create many good memories with friends.

Special occasions like Tet, weddings, and class reunions easily make us feel like we need something special and new. Since then, we forget to consider the number of uses of that item. If you do not often attend parties, or because an evening dress can only be worn a few times, you can replace it with skirts, tops, shoes, jackets, etc.

Thus, you will have many ways. Different combinations for each occurrence. Don’t hesitate to make new “experiments” with accessories. By changing a belt , adding a pair of earrings , you have a completely different look from the same outfit worn before.

The big discounts of the year are a very tempting trap for shopaholics. They bring a sense of victory and joy when buying good things. This motivates us to “overcome to win”, to spend money out of control. However, this shopping is only really “bargain” when the items suit you and you really need them. Because when the rush of shopping is over, what is left is you and the mountain of clothes that will never be worn. So, in the off season, be sober and spend on the things that really deserve it.

Finally, instead of making “huge” shopping trips, you can plan to shop periodically or on a special occasion. And of course, before deciding to buy a new item, don’t forget to apply the “one in – one out” rule. This approach helps you constantly update your wardrobe, but it’s not too expensive.

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