5 fashion titles for the elegant style lover

5 fashion titles for the elegant style lover

Elegant, elegant is a style loved by many designers and fashion icons. To learn more about building a simple wardrobe as well as taking care of yourself and owning an elegant beauty, you can refer to the fashion titles revolving around this topic below.

5 fashion titles for the elegant style lover

Author Alicia Healey spent four years working at Buckingham Palace taking care of the looks of England’s princesses. This beautiful little book is the finished product she distilled from her knowledge and experience of serving the royal family.

In this guide, Alicia shares how to tidy up and organize her wardrobe in neat layers, and how to pack for weekends and long business trips. She also gives advice on how to dress for interviews, weddings, dinner parties and other events. Finally, Alicia talks about 10 secrets to dressing well and still being “pocket-friendly”.

In addition to helpful fashion tips, the book also contains interesting stories about the work of maids in the 21st century as well as the history of palace maids in the past. Not only will the book help you keep your wardrobe organized, the book is also a great pick for fans of the royal family and British culture.

Characterized by minimalism and high applicability, Scandinavian fashion possesses a simple yet elegant beauty that comes from the smallest details. The author gives suggestions on how to build a wardrobe in a minimal style , coordinating textures and colors as well as materials worth investing in.

Dressing Scandinavian style will bring you useful recipes as well as “pocket” tips to dress well with elegant minimalism. In addition to fashion, Pernille also reveals the basic beauty steps and natural makeup of the Nordic. She also shared about the famous Scandinavian interior design – minimalist, sophisticated but cozy and friendly.

The book not only contains helpful advice from a connoisseur of fashion, but also has inspirational images to dress well in each chapter.

Not only comes from the clothes, elegance is also emanating from the attitude and the way you behave every day. Belonging to the famous Madame Chic series by Jennifer L. Scott, the book discusses the importance of communication skills, self-discipline, and manners.

In addition to the useful illustrations, the book is also highly appreciated by the people with more refined and forged text than the previous two books in the same series. The topic of poise, new but essential in everyday life, was warmly received by readers.

Elegant beauty doesn’t need brand names and “luxury” manners to shine. The spirit lies in the choice of each of us every day. In this book, Jennifer describes the graceful posture, graceful gait, and cheerful, friendly “aura” that we can learn from Madame Chic.

Four women who call Paris “home” write a book that sheds light on the unique charm of Parisians. Working in a variety of industries, from music and fashion to publishing and film, 4 girls gather the best advice on fashion, culture and lifestyle to become a true Parisian. .

Très chic dress style, food culture, cooking, love behavior… all affect a woman’s elegance. Contrary to popular opinion, the authors believe that elegance is not synonymous with rules and constraints. That charming beauty comes from the sophistication and romance inside each person.

The book encourages readers to enjoy life happily, nurture their souls with culture and art, and at the same time do not hesitate to reveal their own shortcomings. With humorous storytelling, somewhat ironic and satirical, the book is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Revolving around the inspirational life of Coco Chanel , the book gathers life lessons from one of history’s most famous elegant icons. The highlight of the book lies in the perspective and personal experience of Karren and how the author applies Coco’s “rules” to the modern world.

In addition to creating fashion inspiration, this fashion book also reveals the history of Chanel and compares the current image of Chanel with the heritage of the brand.

Through Coco Chanel’s fashion design story, readers are encouraged to build their own style. The image of Coco Chanel is a reminder, that greatness comes from the simplest things, that women have the right to choose their own lives.

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