Alpha aesthetic – the fashion “knock-out” of digital feminism

Alpha aesthetic – the fashion "knock-out" of digital feminism

While maximum style is “expanding” across the fashion realm, the trending track has officially kicked off with the operation of the digital era. With inspiration from the future, Alpha Aesthetic will “beat” you with feminist fashion mixes.

Alpha aesthetic – the fashion “knock-out” of digital feminism


The rise of individualism in recent years has liberated many aesthetic trends . Different from nostalgic vintage or quirky Grunge, Alpha Aesthetic represents the strong selves of the technology era. In the language of young people, the word “alpha” in particular is used to refer to individual characters who have an overwhelming and overwhelming temperament often seen in movies or novels. It really became a popular aesthetic when female rapper CL released the album Alpha as a model book about a statement fashion style.

Characteristic of this style is an exaggeration in materials and sizes, often dark or neon and clearly expressing modernity. From leather and metallic colorways to padded shoulder tops and a rebellious game of statement jewelry, Alpha Aesthetic satisfies the thirst for freedom for new-age girls who are independent, shining, and full of charm. .


If there is an image that represents strength and luxury at the same time, then glossy leather is the ideal choice. Not only standing alone, jackets, boots and leather gloves should be placed in the same place to resonate the absolute effect. A head-to-toe leather set completes your trendy futuristic look. If you want to upgrade more, a few accessories with feathers, metal or sparkling gems are impressive enough to create a highlight.

Although rebellious and difficult to control, the difference between Alpha Aesthetic and Grunge is “invisible wealth”. If Grunge is likened to the “noisy” ego of teenagers, Alpha is an attack from powerful, luxurious and of course mature enough women. Accordingly, a wide-brimmed hat or sexy and seductive bra is now the perfect power statement of women.


There is hardly a fashion item that is more invasive than the “massive” life jackets. With only this one “giant” in the lung, you can initially conquer Alpha Aesthetic. The remaining factor depends on the ability to mix & match. Leaving aside all the light, cute or elegant things, sportswear, graffiti prints or continuing to be thorny and sexy materials like leather, latex and sheer is the right addition to make a difference. transform into a genuine Alpha.


In addition to the items that are “bunker” and massive, Alpha Aesthetic players are also attracted by the suits that look quite serious but have unexpectedly strong internal forces. But instead of minimalist colors and a soft, airy feel, Alpha Aesthetic’s suits tend to be bolder color palettes, complex and sophisticated structures, emphasizing shoulders, waist or angular shapes. . Because the neat, definitive cuts always have their own charm.


With the declared look of the “giant names” in the jewelry industry, large accessories are of course indispensable to complete an eye-catching look. In addition to chains and rivets “difficult to approach”, Alpha Aesthetic also pleases the followers with sparkling, beautiful jewelry. As long as they are big enough and look “expensive”. Or else use multi-layer layering to create the same effect.


With the ability to shape the shape, the shoulder pad design is considered the standard of Alpha Aesthetic. Although most popular in the 80s , an era quite far from what this trend is about, it can all be refreshed with materials and accessories. From long dresses to crop tops or boyfriend blazers , don’t forget to add trendy accessories like leather belts , eyeglasses or futuristic handbags to modernize your power shoulder.


Other aesthetic trends will have to admire Alpha Aesthetic’s ability to capture the full spotlight. No longer confined to the ’30s night parties, metallics have now become the muse of leading style in the digital age. Into the dance of each mysterious futuristic ray of light, the glittering metallic costumes emulate the unique “Alpha space”. A pair of shiny leather boots or a silver bag will work for an extra futuristic feel.

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