Apprentice color-blocking players here are 6 matching color pairs to start

Apprentice color-blocking players here are 6 matching color pairs to start

Continuing the optimism of the previous year, 2022 is predicted to mark the rise of color-blocking style – a fashion trend that focuses on color to improve the wearer’s mood. Like a ray of sunshine that lights up the creative spirit of the world of tunes, let’s take a look at 6 “pairs of identical songs” with ELLE that have been varied in countless remixes, less dazzling but still full of excitement for beginner color players.

Apprentice color-blocking players here are 6 matching color pairs to start

If you are a “newbie” who is learning about the world of colors or is not too confident with your “painting” ability, start with the blue – green pair. These are two tones that are next to each other on the color wheel and have the same base color, so when you combine them, you get smooth gradations and complete your look. in the most attractive way.

Get in on the action with outerwear blazers with crop tops or two-piece tops. If you are looking for a gentle mix but still contain your own personality, silk or satin is the perfect “option” from the street to the party hall. Do not forget to highlight with accessories of the same color, because they are the “items” that help you stand out in your everyday style.

It’s time to use the addition of athletic energy and color-blocking formulas to unleash your endless creative inspiration. By choosing darker shades, you become a magnet that attracts all the heat of cool greens and warm oranges. If sport bras and shorts, joggers, etc. are still not “heavy” enough for your enthusiasm, then aggressively increase the level with a mix of mini skirts , sneakers and IT-bags to stir up the rhythm of life. bustle in the city.

Are you looking for a pair of colors that are gentle, elegant but still enough to show off your boldness? The combination of fresh blue and sweet pink is the perfect suggestion for you. In the trendy mix with all kinds of glamorous blazers and midi skirts, stiletto heels are a great assistant to help you rank up in the office color battle. For this duo, mini or micro bags are just enough to draw the eye into a sophisticated look.

A recipe that sounds “difficult” but worth it for a group of believers who are passionate about breaking new ways and loving new experiences. Especially when the Pantone Institute recently named Very Peri the “nail” color for the design trends of 2022. Therefore, the test between red and purple will certainly not disappoint you.

The combination of these two adjacent tones will help girls avoid the common “clutter” if they combine high-contrast tones. The remarkable point of this color pair is that it is easy to make you “plus” age if you do not pay attention to the style of the outfit, dream as much as possible and give preference to fabrics such as chiffon , cotton, khaki , etc. … with details such as puffy sleeves, Peter Pan collar, etc. to be as youthful as possible.

Again a great blend for girls who love inspiration from nature. If the combination of pink and blue represents a trendy, romantic style, the combination of upbeat yellow and fresh green will cleanse your soul with a vivacious charm.

Each shade of green and yellow is a different experience of space, in which, gentle pastel tones like the early garden have the effect of stabilizing emotions, while the more vibrant vibrant tones will mark the fresher comebacks every day. Whether it ‘s a strong athleisure , a vibrant Hawaiian or a bit of a futuristic vibe with large pieces and sharp lines, you can use this color pairing to make a difference in your aesthetic thinking.

The color-blocking playground isn’t just for high-brightness tones, much less restricting you to certain color molds. This style of playing color is simply a “medicine” to comfort the spirit and inspire the fashionistas. While brown is often framed in quiet fall mixes, when you meet blue that represents the future, you’ll find unexpected freshness in everyday wear.

To prove that brown can handle all weather, transform them with youth-inspired items like Varsity jackets, mini skirts, IT-bags, and more. Plus, blue in any color. Every point of view creates a sense of style, comfort and dynamism.

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