5 trending interior design trends 2022

5 trending interior design trends 2022

Interior design trends change from time to time. Trends with their own beauty are well received by many people. Let’s find out with Binba Decor the 5 most popular interior design trends of cafes, restaurants, homestays in 2022

5 trending interior design trends 2022

Booming from the 1970s to the present, modern design trends are always in the top of the most loved trends. They never become obsolete. With sharp design lines, eliminating redundant details has brought an elegant, simple and sophisticated space. Besides, users also appreciate the ability to use the convenient interior. Obviously, the perfect aesthetic factor is undeniable.

Industry style is also known as industrial style. This is a design style that uses raw materials combined with strong metal. This creates a spacious and extremely powerful space. With a rustic and rustic appearance, it has breathed the soul of old factories and factories into your life. This design trend also brings a closeness and a sense of sincerity between people. Today, many cafes and restaurants use this design to have a unique look and personality.

The golden color of the interior brings a luxurious and aristocratic space. That’s why this trend is so popular now. Metal objects with shiny gold-plated surfaces are easy to coordinate in many different styles. This trend does not require you to use all metallic furniture. Just skillfully decorate, create accents with a few small details such as lamps, chair legs, flowerpots… The luxurious yet delicate beauty has won the hearts of users.

In addition to applying metallic gold interior to create luxury for the house, the architects also applied it to the design of the cafe to create a unique beauty for the shop.

Minimalist interior design trends

The trend of minimalist interior design is “less is more” – the simpler the better. This trend was born and is warmly welcomed, especially by young people. By smart interior arrangement along with minimizing unnecessary items to create an extremely spacious and airy space. Even if the actual area is modest, you can still deceive the eye extremely well. The combination of colors, light, lines… all bring an effect that will surprise you.

Mediterranean style design trends

Mediterranean style with soft curves, winding like ocean waves leave an unforgettable impression. Inspired by sand, sea, sun, wind… the use of materials, colors and shapes bring the breath of the sea. The Mediterranean-style design space brings a sense of closeness to nature. Bring the sun and blue sea into every corner of the house.

Above are the 5 most popular interior design trends in 2020 and are expected to continue to be loved in the near future. If you need help with designing a restaurant, cafe, homestay or beautiful house, keeping up with trends, please contact Binba Decor. We are always willing to welcome, free and enthusiastic advice.

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