Tom trandt – strategically, stylishly sleeping in the night in his sleep

Tom trandt – strategically, stylishly sleeping in the night in his sleep

Go to the exam to sleep, sleep but win the prize. At the end of last year, Tom Trandt brought blankets, pillows, and pajamas to Vietnam Design Week 2021 with the theme “Awakening Tradition”. It is not clear when Tom “wakes up” and works, but he still won the Best Conceptual Design Award.

Tom trandt – strategically, stylishly sleeping in the night in his sleep

As explained, the name of the BST is actually a play on words. “Nê” here means the son of Ne – a spirit animal in Vietnamese culture. It has the appearance of a cross between a dog and a lion, sometimes a dog and a Unicorn. So, no one can judge whether a Neon looks like a Nee or not. Even more unpredictable in terms of its personality and preferences, Tom Trandt retains an air of arrogance when it comes to conveying tradition.

In fact, basically, Sleep Nghe is a separate project from the main collections of Moi Dien. In other words, this is a project for Tom Trandt and his team to challenge their abilities, explore new techniques. However, the collection still has the core values ​​of Moi Dien such as techniques in costume making and Vietnamese culture.

The message of this collection is really not too big, but it is enough for everyone to feel the thoroughness in each stage, which Lip Crazy lacked before. It is a methodical process from presentation, to ideation and realization, to delve deeper to get closer to the design community.

The collection uses the technique of stitching fabric according to the pattern, with the source of material being reused fabric from previous collections. It is worth mentioning that the fabric was donated by a long-term partner. In other words, this is an endless circle in terms of material supply.

The sustainability factor is one of the things that Tom Trandt believes is the trend of the future, so there is no reason for Mad Lips to go against that flow. Tom’s commitment to sustainable fashion is first demonstrated by having to make better products, not overproduction and not using discounts or launching special collections for the holidays, Tet to stimulate demand. This strategy may affect revenue, but Tom receives understanding and consensus from all employees.

For Tom, sustainability is not only about using materials that have the least negative impact on the environment, but also about people and if it is developed too quickly, it will not ensure sustainability . Tom also doesn’t think he will be 100% complete in sustainability in his brand, but just tries to do better day by day.

Of course, it will not only affect your brand, but also many other brands if you are not prepared financially and strategically. During the long distance, Moi Dien does not release new collections but only participates in projects that do not depend on the supply chain, typically participating in Vietnam Design Week, or collaborating with other artists or brands.

That time also made Tom Trandt change his orientation, how to make the brand more humane and suitable for all situations. Tom also thinks about how to strike a balance between creativity and application so that the product people make must be enjoyable to use and want to keep for a long time.

One of the guiding principles in Tom’s life is Newton’s Third Law, which means that for every force acting there is always a force of the same magnitude acting in reverse. Maybe now people will be more interested in basic or minimalist things, live more slowly, but maybe when things take a new familiar turn, their need to be different and stand out will return. . That’s why Tom always follows personal identities instead of following trends so that after every fashion spin, Tom is still himself.

At the end of 2021, Crazy Lips celebrates 5 years, but Tom Trandt chooses to do nothing, quietly observe to figure out the next development direction. Instead, Tom will use the 10th collection to mark the 5-year milestone, which is expected to be released in the first quarter of this year. Tom wants to use the word “Refine” to talk about the collection because this is the most refined and quintessentially presented in its entirety, so that viewers can better understand who Tom and Moi Dien are.

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