Take note top 10 convenient and luxurious handbags for office ladies

Take note top 10 convenient and luxurious handbags for office ladies

With the spirit of beauty everywhere to spark creativity, believers are now not only hunting for small handbags that can be used for party nights or a light stroll, large handbags, filled with “proud busyness” also turned out to be a highly sought-after investment. Capturing this mentality, famous brands have launched bags that are convenient enough to carry “the whole world” in a streamlined and “timeless” design.

Take note top 10 convenient and luxurious handbags for office ladies

The quintessence of Dior ‘s savoir-faire , the Book Tote bag created by Maria Grazia Chiuri embodies elegance, simplicity, yet constantly changing with a variety of textures and colors. The large room size and sturdy shape with an extended square bottom allow users to carry all their personal belongings. Besides the familiar Dior Oblique, Toile de Jouy, Cornley or houndstooth, there will be many more textured paintings created by Dior to match the personality of each girl.

True to the name “Neverfull”, Louis Vuitton’s handbag design is an open space to help you stay steady on every trip. Not stopping there, the drawstrings on both sides help you flexibly adjust the shape, maximizing the modern feminine look. With a slim and elegant handle, shoulder or hand-held with Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote Bag all bring a sense of freedom beyond the boring office bag.

The British brand’s new IT-Bag is all it takes to envision a rejuvenated vintage spirit. With a soft square shape and a “bonus” spacious outer compartment, Burberry Pocket perfects the feeling of comfort for modern office girls. The eye-catching oval cutout handle is always a “stylish guarantee” for you to confidently “take the wave”. Like a school bag, the detachable strap and handle will help you experience a little bit of the past.

If you want to go to work with a brand name without being ostentatious, the tote bag from Salvatore Ferragamo ‘s Trifolio line will help you exude the aura of intangible wealth. The boxy design has a modern feel to it, creating a comfortable space for office girls to carry with them. The leather material is always luxurious despite the smooth appearance, and the sophisticated buckle and metal chain are trendy touches with bold minimalism from France.

Inspired by the late Princess Diana ‘s favorite handbag , Gucci Diana is a new manifesto for nostalgic feminine fashion souls. The rectangular shape is too familiar, but the luxurious leather material, meticulous stitching and delicate bamboo strap are the factors that confirm the high-class position of the Italian fashion house.

Although not as bulky as large tote bags, Gucci Diana medium size is still enough for you to carry your Macbook with a few notebooks, wallets or personal belongings. There are many colors that have been brought by Gucci in this comeback, however, brown, green or black is still the definition of “safe” enough for the workplace. You can also customize with a fixed leather belt, dyed with lots of fresh neon colors.

With a minimalist look and the words “Rive Gauche” marking the house’s sovereignty, Yves Saint Laurent’s linen tote bag is an easy choice to match in any situation. The wide, curved sole connects the body to create a new and flexible rectangular shape, maximizing storage space. The leather handle resonates rhythmically and the three riveted buttons show the typical urban street fashion.

Without a logo statement, Bottega Veneta is confident in its own color with the famous intrecciato knitting technique. For the modern office lady, alternating and layered squares are the perfect piece to bring out timeless sophistication. The Acro bag has a slim strap, which connects from near the bottom of the bag for a solid balance.

The Italian fashion house’s “Matrix” La Greca not only opens up a “sanctuary” of classic fashion, but also helps you lead the trend with enchanting flashy aisles on signature prints belonging to the brand. brand. If you want to decorate yourself with an innovative model, the La Greca Signature Tote bag is the move for you.

The metal keychain along the calfskin border connecting the flexible handle refreshes the familiar rectangular design. It’s time to rock the standard office with striking colors like red or blue from the “maze” of Italian Medusa.

Phoebe Philo created the Luggage to represent a quiet luxury that was supposed to be socially appropriate in a post-collapse economy. It’s satirically playful with abstract details reminiscent of a human face, from the zippers and buttons to the two floating waves on the body of the bag. Not too feminine, the fancy design from the French fashion house is a new declaration for free voices in the workplace.

The fashionistas’ union must all nod in recognition that Loewe used her creative hand to create a multifunctional handbag in a very interesting look. The “ball” in the hands of the Spanish fashion house is an ingenious combination of the classic feeling and the fashion dream of the fashionista.

Large leather hinges fix the body of the bag and the side panels can be extended with a zipper to adjust the space flexibly. The sleek handle maximizes the feeling of luxury for trendy femininity and the detachable strap secures every energetic walk, the Hammock is like a rugby ball flying in the exclusive fashion realm.

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