League of Legends Riot reveals patch 11 24b change with nerfed Preemptive Attack focus

League of Legends Riot reveals patch 11 24b change with nerfed Preemptive Attack focus

In the latest share from Riot Phlox, a member of the champion balance team of League of Legends said that there are quite a few champions that have become too strong after the 2022 Pre-Season period thanks to the change of Super Gems and Equipment. . That’s why they decided to make some changes to the upcoming 11.24b patch, focusing mainly on reducing the power of champions that benefit too much.

League of Legends Riot reveals patch 11 24b change with nerfed Preemptive Attack focus

Vayne and Lux ​​are currently a strong bot lane duo and have a very high win rate on most servers around the world. Thanks to the new Deadly Tempo gem, Vayne’s power is continuously increased towards the end of the game thanks to the ability to increase attack range, thereby being able to carry extremely powerful teams.

Dr. Mundo and Kassadin also couldn’t escape the nerf scene when their influence in the late game was too great, while the new equipment helped these two generals survive too well in the early stages. the first half of the game. Talon Jungle will be the name left to be nerfed in version 11.24b.

Also in version 11.24b, Preemptive Attack gem also officially fell into the sights of Riot Games because of its ability to bring economic benefits and too great damage. Thanks to that, champions with strong laning capabilities like Jayce or assassins like Zed, Kha’Zix can take advantage of them in the snowball match in an extremely powerful way.

In the opposite direction, Frozen Upgrade, although remade, is not as popular as what gamers still think. This is also the only gem that has been buffed in the final version of season 11. Maybe after this buff, Support champions with a tendency to block attacks will be able to take advantage of Frost Upgrade a better way.

Version 11.24b is expected to be updated on December 15, then League of Legends will enter the Christmas and New Year holidays before the 2022 Season officially begins next year. The information about upcoming updates will be communicated to gamers by Lag.vn as quickly as possible, please look forward to it.

Top 4 NFT games to make money playing games with the most Vietnamese gamers participating right now

In the most recent survey of a community group of NFT gamers in Vietnam, there was a poll to see which NFT games are being played by Vietnamese gamers the most. From there appeared the 4 most notable names that attracted great attention from Play to Earn players.

This is a game built on the blockchain platform that the Vietnamese gaming community participates in. The game is inspired by the classic bomb game that is familiar to the 8x-9x generation. The characters in the game will be named Bomb Heroes and the player will control these Bomb Heroes to destroy monsters, conduct adventures ….. to receive for themselves the rewards of Bomber Coin ( BCOIN) to upgrade your Heroes’ items and equipment.

Metamon is known as a Play-to-Earn game on BSC of the DeFi group, GameFi developed by the virtual reality project The USM Metaverse of Radio Caca.

The gameplay of this game will have many similarities with the super product Pokemon when you will collect and nurture Metamon pets to participate in PvE or PvP matches in the game.

Thetan Arena is a game with gameplay designed to combine individual skills as well as a combination of team elements with many different game modes, from MOBA to Battle Royale. Completing daily missions and missions will give players valuable rewards.

In the game appear many different types of Heroes and each character will have their own special skills (also known as Fury) & Skills. So to be able to win, players will have to create the most powerful Heroes to suit each battle in the game.

Axie Infinity can be considered as one of the hottest NFT games in the world gaming market in 2021, becoming one of the pioneering products of the NFT series to the majority of gamers around the world.

The inspiration of Axie Infinity is pretty much taken from the famous Pokemon brand with the gameplay of raising Axies to fight. Each Axie will have a unique characteristic that determines their role in each match.

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