Genshin Impact Leaker Reveals Full Details Of Teyvat’s Map From First Closed Beta

Genshin Impact Leaker Reveals Full Details Of Teyvat's Map From First Closed Beta

According to the latest information from leaker Ubatcha, the complete map of the entire Teyvat continent lost from the first Closed Beta period has been “restored Eng-sub” accurately and almost completely compared to the first version. leaked since the early days of Genshin Impact’s release.

Genshin Impact Leaker Reveals Full Details Of Teyvat’s Map From First Closed Beta

More specifically, leaker Ubatcha has re-released the full image translated into English from the original map file during the Closed Beta 1 and Closed Beta 2 phases in China. According to this leaker, this is the most accurate/uncorrected/unfiltered image of the entire original map leaked from the original file (you can review the Chinese map image file) first and the photo is edited to falsify the information at the end of the post).

Accordingly, we can see that Mihoyo’s original intention to develop the plot of Genshin Impact is quite clear in terms of detail and focus on developing its own in certain areas – especially focusing on Liyue. and the Inazuma area/area around here. Oddly enough, the starting Mondstadt area didn’t get much attention to detail in this preliminary map – most likely because the land is small and has been designed into the actual game, other areas still remain. “on paper” should be planned in more detail.

In Liyue, gamers predict that the Stone area? Cave? is the original development location of the current Azhdaha World Boss – with the Mountain? is the later location of The Chasm will be released later.

In Inazuma, some of the originally planned areas were changed quite a bit when instead of being a large land, they were divided into many small areas, with Sakura Lake being changed to Trees. Yae Miko’s Lightning Cherry Blossoms, Inazuma City remained where it was and the Shrine became Kokomi’s Watasumi area. Some other areas predicted by gamers include the Lighthouse (Yougou Mountain), Translucent Cave (the glowing cave where Ayaka’s quest is done?), the Sunken Ship (the shipwreck where there are wrecks and the waters for fishing). electrified for some reason). However, everything is still just’s prediction.

In addition, we can also see that next to the Inazuma area is also a small sea and a “fishing village + small port” bordering the next Sumeru country in the journey exactly like the current plot.

With more distant lands still far from being touched, gamers also quickly predict that these lands will most likely be:

  • Next to Sumeru – Waterfall City will most likely be Fontain – the country of the Water God.
  • Volcano and Scorched Earth & Lava (volcano, lava) area is the Natlan area – the country of the Fire God
  • The Ice Field/Ice Mountain in the upper left corner is the Ice Country Snezhnaya
  • Black Castle – the main palace of the Abyss Order or the former Khaerin’ah
  • Celestia – Located in the center of Teyvat and hovering overhead in the right direction from visible Liyue
  • In particular, a Desert area and Dragon Shadow City with very detailed locations and far from the game’s starting point are also quite interesting and will certainly have a great influence on us in the future.

Importantly, this is just a separate map of Teyvat – the lands ruled and ruled by Celestia. All these outer lands (Khaenri’ah, Golden Apple Island, Yuan Ha Cung) are not in this map and everything is separated by the Black Sea (Dark Sea) according to the Genshin Impact storyline. Therefore, in the future, Genshin Impact will definitely be even larger than the original planned map above.

With just over half a year left until the land of Sumeru is (expected) to be released on Genshin Impact’s next birthday, we can use these initial maps to continue to compare and predict the content as well. like how the direction Mihoyo wants to take compares with the original plan. Let’s predict and watch the latest leaks of Genshin Impact with

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