Ivanka Trump posts family Christmas photos

Ivanka Trump posts family Christmas photos

Ivanka Trump shared photos of her husband and children with her father in the White House, sending Christmas greetings to her Twitter followers. “Merry Christmas!” Ivanka Trump, White House senior adviser, eldest daughter of US President Donald Trump, wrote on Twitter on December 25, sharing a photo of her standing next to her husband, three children and father in the White House.

Ivanka Trump posts family Christmas photos

The photo appears to have been taken before Christmas, by President Trump and the First Lady who went to Florida for a holiday on December 24. It is not clear if the Trump family will celebrate the holiday together, when the President goes to golf on December 25.

Ivanka Trump’s post received more than 170,000 likes and tens of thousands of comments. Some people wonder why Ivanka Trump’s eldest daughter is holding the US Navy flag and flag, while the Trump family has no members of this force.
Some people wonder why First Lady Melania Trump, Ivanka’s stepmother, is not in this Christmas family photo. Former aides said that Mrs. Melania and Ivanka had a relationship of “rice is not good, soup is not sweet” from the first days of Trump’s term.

The American people are concerned about what Trump’s eldest daughter and wife will do after her father leaves office on January 20. The two spent $30 million on land on the banks of the Miami River, Florida, sparking speculation that Ivanka, 39, is considering running for the state senate after the White House.

What will Ivanka Trump do after leaving the White House?

Many people question what Ivanka will do when she loses her title of First Lady and her job as a presidential adviser after leaving the White House. Not only did Ivanka lose her title of First Lady after US President Donald Trump failed to win enough votes to defeat Joe Biden, but she also lost her job.

In the White House under Trump, Ivanka worked as a “presidential adviser”, focusing on the “education and economic empowerment of women and their families, as well as job creation and economic growth” through workforce development, skills training and entrepreneurship”.

Before working as a consultant, she “oversaw development and acquisitions” for her father’s real estate company, the Trump Organization, and owned a fashion line of her own. She also appeared as a judge on Trump’s reality show The Apprentice .

But her role in the White House, as well as the fact that Ivanka’s entire career is associated with her father.

Although Ivanka may return to the Trump Organization, it is not the most stable place to work when her father is out of office. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is hunting Trump’s tax returns in “a complex financial investigation”, which has previously led to reports of “protracted criminal acts at the Trump Organization”.

The New York State Attorney General is also investigating whether the Trump Organization and its subsidiaries misrepresented the value of Seven Springs, a real estate north of New York City. The investigation began after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen told Congress that Trump inflated his net worth to get more loans and insurance policies.

A return to the fashion world is also unlikely . Because the Ivanka Trump brand is no more. She announced it was shutting down in July 2018, citing her focus on work in Washington. Before that, the business situation was not very good, when the companies that own the luxury goods chain Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom removed her brand in 2017 because of “slow selling”. Consumers are also demanding that online retail sites give up their labels in protest of the Trump administration’s policies.

Some argue that Ivanka has a lot of business opportunities after leaving the White House. Magazine OK! said the Trump family received “a lot of invitations to the reality show” before the voting closed and Ivanka was particularly sought after.

“You have to remember that reality TV has created superstars in this family . Appearing next to dad, Donald Trump, on The Celebrity Apprentice, made Ivanka, Donald Jr and Eric famous stars.” OK! citing a person who is considered a “leader in the television industry”. “It’s not surprising that Trump’s children are back on reality TV, and neither is Ivanka’s favourite. Dancing with the Stars has also expressed interest in inviting the Trump family.”

“She can choose the prime time if she wants”, OK! let me know.

Ivanka’s recent statements show her interest in social politics . In an interview with RealClearPolitics last week, Ivanka described herself as a “pragmatic person”. Similar to her father’s belief that politics is about people and not about parties, Ivanka identifies herself as a “Trump Republican”.

When asked if she considers herself a populist, Ivanka did not deny it. In this interview, she voiced her support for the first time in support of an important Republican policy draft that is anti-abortion.

“I respect every aspect of a sensitive and private discussion,” she said when asked about abortion, “but as a mother of three and how parenting affects I’m very profound when I think about these things.”

“I support anti-abortion and have no regrets expressing this,” Ivanka said.

No matter what Ivanka does, she will outlive the millions of Americans unemployed because of Covid-19. She and her husband, Trump adviser and real estate developer Jared Kushner, listed as much as $36 million to $157 million on their 2019 personal financial statements.

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