Fendi haute couture spring-summer 2022 eternal city and time travel art masterpieces

Fendi haute couture spring-summer 2022 eternal city and time travel art masterpieces

Creative director Kim Jones strolled around the historic Roman road to admire the massive architecture and statues from the Renaissance. This time Fendi Haute Couture is the stepping stone of the era of women who carry with them the power of art and vision of the future.

Fendi haute couture spring-summer 2022 eternal city and time travel art masterpieces

Jones’ connection to the Italian fashion house is woven with the stitches of ancient culture. This time, Catholic costumes, ancient architecture and Roman statues are the main inspirations for the time wheel to start moving. Simulation technology is the main material for Fendi to build his citadel, inviting 30 Roman goddesses to return.

Glamorous runways are not enough, Karl Lagerfeld ‘s successor is creating a Renaissance stage in his own reign. Menswear was also discreetly included by Kim Jones by “That’s my vision for Fendi: celebrating the power of woman”.

In her outfit with a puff-sleeve high collar jacket and tight trousers, the image of the “she” of the Renaissance knight on the way back to Rome became more and more clear. A design that expands to be used more than a modern mini skirt, but still retains the elegant ancient style.

Catholic emissaries also appear in short dresses and papal mozzettas or convent robes of cardinals.The red-to-purple color palette creates spiritual illusions like escapist emotions present. real.

When stopping in the eternal passages outside the Palazzo della Civiltà Italian headquarters, the Italian artist hugged hand-painted Roman statues and placed them in a lavish evening gown in the heart of the city of light. Luxurious silk velvet calls to mind the painting of the era hidden behind the curved shoulder a soft “armor”.

Kim Jones’ performance is like a trip through time into a magnificent history museum. From the classic togas look to the deft fabric handling, it all leads to a dramatic sequence when iridescent sequins meet meticulous pleats. The same magical organza material is the background for the fictional shapes that emerge through the standard peplos lines.

Haute Couture is the cultural heritage of every brand, and Fendi is realizing its aspiration to reinvent the past with its skill in renewing materials. The Baroque print is hidden in a flexible cut in each layer, which is sophisticated but difficult to predict. The strapless design cleverly shows off the body contours of the Roman muses. The long tail accompanies the regal walk on the iconic Rome fashion house’s fashion journey.

The flowing dresses are “embossed” with patterns reminiscent of the pillars of ancient Rome. Fendi is always minimalist, luxurious but full of flight in glossy silk fabric. The flared skirt firmly holds the dream of reaching the age of the fashion factory that belongs to the eternal city.

The Roman idea of ​​time and the spiritual aspects of it were almost merged in a space filled with celestial bodies. Lots of quartz jewels open up a psychedelic dimension where one will walk in edgy and gorgeous heelless platforms .

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