Facing the sadness of dry skin in cold season

Facing the sadness of dry skin in cold season

According to dermatologists, the decrease in air temperature and humidity causes the skin dryness, redness and flaking to increase significantly. With dry skin in the winter days, we need to be patient and change our skin care routine to adapt to changes from the outside. Refresh your beauty wardrobe with intensive care products, whose properties match your skin’s characteristics to soothe and restore moisture.

Facing the sadness of dry skin in cold season

We tend to bathe and wash our face with hot water in winter. Although this habit feels relaxing, if the water temperature is too high, its harmful effects on the skin may make you think again.

According to dermatologists, water temperatures that are too hot can disrupt the moisture barrier on the skin. This barrier is made up of proteins and oils that prevent water from evaporating from the skin. When exposed to very hot water, this film breaks down and drifts away. The skin therefore increases the risk of injury, burns and even infection. Therefore, the most suitable water temperature in winter will fall between 35 and 37 degrees.

Washing your face with harsh products can dry out your skin, stripping it of its natural oils and even the good bacteria on the surface. According to experts, this type of face wash effectively washes away sebum and dirt optimally. However, they have a pH much higher than the natural pH of the skin . Therefore, when used daily, the pH difference causes the skin barrier to be broken.

Instead, you should look for gentle cleansers, with a pH closer to the skin. The average skin pH has been studied to fall in the average range of 4.7. Therefore, facial cleanser products with a pH that fluctuates between pH 4 and pH 7 are considered safe for the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a component found in the body, most commonly found in the skin, connective tissue, and eyes. This ingredient helps to provide moisture to the skin, prevents moisture loss, supports cell regeneration and stimulates collagen production to help keep skin healthy.

Hyaluronic acid is extremely effective in retaining moisture in the skin. Because of this optimal “hydration” effect, it is often found in moisturizing products . Thanks to that, the skin is improved with moisture, quickly soothed, becomes plumper as well as firmer.

When choosing serum products that contain hyaluronic acid, you need to pay attention to the order in which it appears in the ingredient list. If it’s near the bottom, the product usually doesn’t contain too much of that ingredient and will have little effect.

In order for the serum to maximize its benefits, we need to add a moisturizer to our skin care routine . For dry skin, a cream moisturizer will be the right product.

Because of its dense texture, the cream has a durable adhesion on the skin, creating a moist environment for the hyaluronic acid components in the serum to work well. However, with acne or oily skin, the cream will be difficult to penetrate and cause a blockage, so it is not suitable for use.

If the creams are still not effective enough to soothe dry, difficult skin in the winter, skin oils will be the product you should learn and invest in. In addition to the ability to intensively moisturize, the oil also nourishes the skin from deep within. Thereby repairing the damage to make the skin soft and moist.

Essentially, skin oils are not moisturizers. However, it will effectively combine with hyaluronic acid present in the skin’s surface to maximize its benefits. Furthermore, the product’s oily texture resembles the lipid layer of the skin, allowing it to penetrate deeper than other water-based products.

The dry weather makes the skin easily dehydrated and becomes dry, so winter will be the time when the skin produces more dead cells than usual. That’s why regular exfoliation is essential. The surface of the skin needs to be clear so that the nutrients in the creams and oils are absorbed effectively, avoiding clogging the pores.

When choosing the right product for dry skin, you should avoid mechanical exfoliants . The texture contains particles or the rubbing action can cause damage to skin that is already dry and sensitive. What’s more, products containing salt and sugar can make your skin drier.

Therefore, chemical exfoliation will be the right product for dry skin in cold days. Not only is it gentler, but chemical exfoliation will also bring many benefits to the skin such as: reducing the appearance of aging (AHA), correcting pores and controlling excess oil (BHA).

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