Innovate with beautiful 90s-inspired hairstyles

Innovate with beautiful 90s-inspired hairstyles

Fashion and beauty are always cyclical trends, so it’s no wonder that iconic hairstyles from decades past will return with a fresh and more modern look. Welcoming the cold of winter with a beautiful 90s-inspired hairstyle is one of the fastest ways to F5 yourself. Please try it out!

Innovate with beautiful 90s-inspired hairstyles

“Rachel” is an iconic hairstyle popular around the world from the 90s until now, inspired by the girl Rachel from the movie Friends . Her hair is parted, parted, trimmed into many layers and hugged tightly to her face. Now you can try this hairstyle with longer layers. This hairstyle is ideal for women who want to change their hairstyle while maintaining the length of their hair.

The world of bangs is very rich, so you can always choose at least one “true” bang for yourself. In winter, the hair will be less oily than in summer, girls who like bangs but are afraid of being sticky due to sweat should seize this opportunity.

In addition to the popular flying bangs or goofy bangs , you can also “break out” a bit more with bangs like Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey’s curly bangs have become the iconic signature hairstyle of the ’90s, perfect for girls with bold and sexy fashion sense.

Spiderman’s dream girl – Zendaya, is also one of the stars “promoting” this bangs. Curly bangs give her a rebellious yet feminine look, luxurious but no less mischievous.

Referring to the 90s trend, it is impossible not to mention the influence of Britney Spears . She led in the Y2K fashion style, and was also the image of a series of young girls at that time with classic hairstyles. For example, the double braided hair in the MV “Baby One More Time”, although extremely simple, has become a monument that never goes out of fashion until now. This hairstyle gives her an innocent yet seductive look, and it is also considered the iconic hairstyle of “Pop Princess”.

Two side braids bring the ability to “hack” age extremely magical. Typically, Taeyeon (SNSD), when applying this hairstyle, fans seem to forget that she is already in her 30s.

This is also a style that is gaining popularity and is perfect for cold weather. The Cornrow braid is inspired by the traditional hairstyles of people in Africa. The small hairpins that hug the scalp or each curl are braided on both sides to form a straight part.

Gwen Stefani, co-founder and vocalist for the rock-ska band No Doubt, has been promoting this stylish hairstyle since 1998 with her “very” style braided locks.

You can freely change your hair style from thick to thin, combining with some impressive dyes will make you a more stylish and personality girl. Rihanna is also one of the stars who love this unique Cornrow braid.

Our skin tones tend to become paler in the cold season so a subtle hair color can be a great way to bring a bright look to the face.

Aguilera was considered a prominent cultural icon in the late 90s thanks to music as well as an ever-changing visual style. One of the hair that has entered the legend of Aguilera is the outstanding, personality red highlight hair.

For a warm winter feel, try highlighting strands in pops, caramel, bronze or platinum. Choosing a color opposite to your current hair color will make highlights stand out on the background hair color, helping you become more dynamic, unique and much more different.

The high ponytail is also one of the signature hairstyles of the 90s. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair lengths, all different hair shapes and you can easily tie it up in just a few seconds. When you were a child, your mother must have used cute little rubber bands to create this hairstyle for you a couple of times. Now, you can cleverly combine hair accessories to make ponytails become suitable for even luxurious parties.

A typical example is Ariana Grande – “the new generation pop princess”. The simple ponytail is very suitable for Ariana Grande, so it is gradually associated with her name.

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