Everywhere you look 10 items that define fashion in 2022

Everywhere you look 10 items that define fashion in 2022

In a year when physical shopping is difficult and exposure is mostly limited to a few Instagram photos, the faithful rummage through memories, scavenge childhood items and indulge into the fun of creative craft. And so fashion becomes a “visiting” space filled with colors. Let’s meet again 10 “acquaintances” who made the fashion wave in 2021.

Everywhere you look 10 items that define fashion in 2022

Inspired by Bohemian Aesthetic and the vibrant patterns of the 70s, crochet is a playful, lively breeze brought on by Gen Z ‘s liberal and free-spirited artistic spirit . Not only hanging around with “clothes”, crocheted woolen items also “stir up” the wardrobes of fashionistas in versions of bucket hats , bags or bikinis.

When it comes to the Y2K trend , it’s definitely impossible to forget the playful colorful plastic beads. Who knew that beading in elementary school would become a “fever” of the fine-dressing society? Like crochet, the bead ring is transformed into a multitude of accessories such as mask straps, keychains, rings or phone straps to enhance the optimistic energy of any space.

Part of the Outdoor Prada collection released in June, the Raffia Tote Bag made from sustainable materials by the Italian fashion house is one of the most sought-after items this summer. Prada gives the bag a rich palette of colors from vibrant shades to neutral colors to “please” the followers.

After the big “hit” of the Bridgerton series , corsets “caught the eyes” of modern girls. More than just a tight bra of the 1500s, corsets now have many improved versions that “breathe” and help girls “step up” in combinations with shirts, white dresses, or even even only a corset standing full of charm.

Introduced in 1987 as a single and improved to a triple strand in Vivienne Westwood’s Portrait Collection in 1990, this iconic pearl choker never goes out of style. But 2021 marks the “viral” of this classic piece of jewelry among the younger generation on TikTok. Especially when it is promoted by real It-Girls like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa , etc.

Back in the 90s to the early 2000s, the baguette was seen as an icon of young fashion with its stylish look when it appeared in the legendary series Sex and the City . Now, “bread bag” once again landed in the fashion village to “make up” for Y2K ladies.

The worry about fashion shoes not being able to “promote” their beauty when the wet season comes has been replaced by trendy rubber sole boots. Not only does it ensure to stay warm and dry regardless of the weather, this design also brings a luxurious and individual look to the wearer with flexible application to the mixes.

Thanks to its fancy, unique and fun design like a puppet ‘s hat, the feather bucket hat quickly scored and became a must-have item in the winter wardrobe of trend-leading followers like Gigi Hadid . , Dua Lipa, Elsa Hosk,…

The year 2021 will see tremendous changes due to the impact of the pandemic, and fashion is also one of the areas affected. This fall, the simple, comfortable fashion trend with knitwear sets in neutral tones has taken the throne in the hearts of fashionistas. The plus point also comes from the minimalist but not boring style that this design brings.

The cut-out trend heats the 2021 fashion track with bold and eye-catching cut-out designs. Not stopping at hot summer days, the cut-out dress is a “weapon” showing off the girls’ seductive curves who continue to “throne” in the holiday season at the end of the year.

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