6 christmas home decoration trends

6 christmas home decoration trends

There’s no snowfall, no strong cinnamon scent in the air, no fresh ginger cookies in the oven, no children playing around the house and singing hymns… but Christmas is still an occasion to look forward to. waiting in Vietnam. No longer having a purely religious meaning like in Western countries, Christmas in a tropical country has become a sign of the end of the year, of dating, of bustling hustle and bustle, and of the holidays. Busy when the new year is coming. That’s also when the house changes atmosphere with pine trees, pearls, tinsel, flashing lights, flickering candles and exciting gift exchange.

6 christmas home decoration trends

Christmas does not mean white snow, red berries and green pine, it is also a holiday of rebirth, of new life and reminiscent of the coming Spring days. This year, try innovating the decoration style with fresh white flowers, both evoking the cool feeling of snow and creating a spring flavor for your home. In addition, you should combine with leaves, dried branches and animal-shaped cakes to bring the spirit of nature, while yellow lights or candlelight will soften the cold color of white, making the space become warmer.

Of course, this year’s decorating trends cannot be complete without this classic Christmas theme. The mythological symbols of the jungle, Nordic patterns, decorative details of deer antlers, reindeer, dried tree branches, faux furs, wreaths, berries, pine needles… have become a familiar style. everyone loves. To refresh this style for the 2015 holiday season, you can find furniture such as tablecloths, pillowcases with wildlife prints, or create your own rustic decorations with materials. such as wood, straw, thatch and wool. Wood tones such as brown, gray, white, blue and a touch of red will bring the Christmas atmosphere from the Nordic forests into your home.

Besides the traditional 3 colors red-white-blue, this year the pastel color trend is crowned with the glittering element of metallic details. Bronze, pink, turquoise, lemon yellow, mint green… are perfect for making the space light and airy. At the same time, these colors when combined with metal materials also have the ability to reflect light very well, you can apply them to create vivid accents and expand the space for the house. Just like fashion , pastel colors and metallics are hallmarks of the classic style, making it a great choice for those who love vintage home decor.

One of the notable Christmas decoration trends this year is the use of deep copper gold color and iridescent sparkle, it is a color that is enchanting, seductive and luxurious. When playing with this trend, you should choose monochrome interior designs and combine different textures such as matte with smooth, rough with smooth, rusty old with shiny glitter… In particular, combine yellow with dark colors to make them stand out and full of mystery. It is also a great color to decorate white porcelain or glassware. Are you ready to be the queen of the party night?

For this trend, traditional Christmas animals such as reindeer, fox and owl are replaced by images of tropical birds that are typically parrot green and peacock tail motifs. Decorative items in the form of feathers, ferns, bird’s nests… can easily find their place on the Christmas tree or become a typical motif. Deep greens and metallic golds will transform your home into a colorful Amazon rainforest.

If you’re a fan of modern minimalism even during the festive season, you can opt for a black-and-white decorating trend. Bold geometric patterns and oversized ornaments can be combined easily with monochromatic flat furniture or block designs, so details should be minimized to create a modern and elegant feel. However, sometimes you can create accents with a little red and green as a unique spice that cannot be missed during the Christmas season.

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