5 indispensable fashion materials in women’s autumn-winter wardrobe

5 indispensable fashion materials in women's autumn-winter wardrobe

Entering the autumn-winter season is also the time when fashionistas begin to shop for new clothes that are warmer and more suitable for the weather. In addition to style and color, the clothing selection criteria in the last months of the year of fashionistas often focus more on materials in order to find outfits that are both trendy and have the ability to keep warm well. So what is the material that meets the needs of “wearing nice, wearing warm” in the autumn-winter day of women?

5 indispensable fashion materials in women’s autumn-winter wardrobe


Wool is probably the first name that pops up in the minds of most believers when it comes to cold season fashion materials. With quite good warming properties and a variety of styles and colors, wool designs show an impressive “multi-function” when being able to mix & match trendy with many different styles. Microfiber fabric will be suitable for small or tight designs, helping to enhance your charm in Autumn – Winter outfits. Conversely, you can also try crochet wool – the material that is “storming” the fashion village this year.


If wool is for feminine and elegant girls, leather seems to be born to “please” fashionistas with personality and dynamism. The cold weather is the right time to put on leather jackets with neutral tones for everyday street trips. For more “dress-up” occasions, try mixing designs with striking colors or eye-catching stylization to elevate the look.


Thanks to the “promotion” of fashion house Chanel , tweed fabric has always maintained its position on the fashion “race track”, especially in the Fall – Winter season. The tweed material keeps “fascinating” women thanks to its sophisticated fabric surface, its warming properties that are not inferior to other “rivals” and above all, the design has a luxurious and aristocratic design. Not only suitable for year-end parties, you can also wear simple tweed clothes for meetings with friends in ideal weather with stylish innovative tweed sets


In the list of cold season materials, velvet is probably a “face” that is not very familiar to believers, especially girls with a youthful and dynamic style. Of course, velvet is not a “rookie” of the fashion village, but because it is not actively promoted and often “adds” age to the wearer, velvet fabric is not very popular with women. Another reason is that this material is quite “fastidious” in preservation, so many believers are still “afraid” when deciding to buy a velvet item. However, just pocketing a few “secrets” of preservation as well as choosing colors and designs, you can completely shine in the noble, classic velvet fabric.


Fall – Winter fashion is not usually associated with the name denim. However, to list materials with good warming properties, this familiar factor is indispensable. For denim , to save time thinking “What to wear today?”, you can try simple combinations with blazer and wide-leg jeans or denim-on-denim. If still not “satisfied” because the denim material has not yet brought the desired Autumn – Winter effect, cleverly combine them with the “guts” of the cold season such as turtlenecks or personalized leather boots to enhance mix range.

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