5 iconic designs that made the 60s fashion wave

5 iconic designs that made the 60s fashion wave

The 60s not only represented a break with traditional thinking about fashion, but also reflected the social situation with the explosion of many outstanding innovation movements. That is also the time when the perfect beauty of classic and elegant is intersected with modern beauty and personality, creating trends and items that are still valid until now.

5 iconic designs that made the 60s fashion wave


One of the memorable things of the 1960s fashion was the introduction of the mini skirt (mini-skirt) by fashion designer Mary Quant creative thick. Despite causing many waves of controversy in public opinion, the appearance of the mini skirt has contributed to a great revolution, reflecting the concept of youth and proving feminism. At this time, the design of short skirts with pleats above the knee or A-shape is widely popular. The cut lines of the clothes are usually neat, not stylized and brightly colored.


In 1966, when Western society still had prejudices about women wearing suits, Yves Saint Laurent launched the “Le Smoking” design consisting of a blouse, high-waisted trousers, vest and cut outerwear. body hug. The appearance of the first suit represents the pride and self-respect of women, who are rising to fight for equal rights and their own voice.


The first person to bring vinyl material into the high fashion village was designer André Courrèges with mini skirts, white plastic glasses and boots from the “Moon Girl” collection that covered the design village at that time. Fashion from this material continues to sweep across the catwalks of many famous fashion houses, with many variations from transparent, glossy to colorful. Vinyl-coated fabrics are not only great for rainy days because of their near-absolute water resistance, but they also create a fresh surface for contemporary designers to roam free.


The 60s was also the golden age of “Go-go” boots when enthusiastically promoted by the “stars” in the fashion industry and the supermodel world at that time. The boots that appeared first were usually calf-high, leather material with the dominant white color, then developed and invented more diversely with PVC, vinyl and many other outstanding colors


If around the early 60s was the reign of the trend of jewelry with sparkling designs in gold or feminine pearls , as the decade passed, fashion accessories were improved mostly by quality. eye-catching plastic material. Pop-art influences characterized by striking designs, geometric shapes and bright colors, accessories such as oversized sunglasses, colorful plastic earrings and rings have created a craze for the world. tune at that time.

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