Yoshiki Takei Eyes Boxing Glory Against Jason Moloney

With just eight professional boxing battles under his belt, Yoshiki Takei, a former K1 champion, will take on his greatest test to date when he challenges Jason Moloney for the WBO bantamweight title at the Tokyo Dome. Takei feels confident despite his lack of experience, relying on his background in martial arts and the encouragement of prominent boxer Naoya Inoue.

Although Takei recognizes that Moloney has advantages in technique, speed, and experience, he thinks that Takei’s strength and unorthodox style can overcome the champion. “I don’t fit into the conventional boxing style… that is exactly my big weapon,” he says.

The opportunity to create history inspires the 27-year-old southpaw player. “My goal is to become a fighter who will be remembered for all time… “If I succeed, I will go down in history as the first Japanese person to do so,” he says.

Takei defeated Bruno Tarimo, Moloney’s stablemate, en route to the championship fight. Naoya Inoue, who had previously defeated Moloney in seven rounds, also provided him with valuable advice. “I learned a lot from Naoya… his advice is a trade secret,” Says Takei.

Moloney, a seasoned veteran who has lost two championships in the past, has just emerged from back-to-back tough victories. He is ranked No. 2 in the bantamweight class by Ring Magazine.

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