Vintage players, do you know what are the pearl ring legends of the last century?

Vintage players, do you know what are the pearl ring legends of the last century?

Associated with the title “queen of the gem village”, the pearl necklace is always the perfect accessory that evokes a “timeless” elegant and sophisticated beauty. If you are a fan of retro art, you probably understand that the value of a vintage piece of jewelry depends a lot on where it comes from. That who made them and who wore them. There are classic pearl necklaces adorning the iconic women of all time. Many of them are custom-made, but many also come from the following four legends.

Vintage players, do you know what are the pearl ring legends of the last century?

In the early 20th century, Kokichi Mikimoto amazed the world with his invention of cultured pearls, marking a major turning point for the worldwide pearl industry. At first, cultured pearls were created with different shapes and were considered “weird”. Twelve years later, Mikimoto experimented with perseverance, and in the end, he succeeded in releasing the first round pearls of his invention. In the early 1920s, Mikimoto officially brought a cultured pearl product called Akoya to the market, opening the door to the “pearl king’s” Hollywood conquest journey.

During a business trip in 1927, Mikimoto had the opportunity to meet inventor Thomas Edison and give him a pearl he created himself. This meeting was quickly covered by the news media, “Mikimoto and his pearl” became the center of attention overnight. In 1954, a streamlined 16-inch Mikimoto pearl chain was given to the late Marilyn Monroe by Joe DiMaggio during his honeymoon in Japan. Decades later, this piece of jewelry became a trend and a symbol of nobility and charm for women.

These 2020s mark the “usurpation” of the pearl choker necklace from “punk fashion legend” Vivienne Westwood . In an era where the definition of a trend is derived from the photos that are posted and spread on social networks, influencers and fashionistas are also quick to “hunt” for vintage items from previous decades to catch the trend. . Vivienne Westwood’s Bas Relief Choker pearl choker necklace is relaunched for the same reason.

One of the factors that makes Vivienne Westwood’s pearl choker stand out from the face is also the brand logo. It is inspired by the British sovereign sphere and the rings of Saturn, symbolizing the nobility of the British Royal Family and science’s dream of reaching for the stars.

Westwood has implicitly stated that pearl jewelry is for everyone, whether you’re wearing a glamorous evening gown , royal suit or active tracksuit . Not only fashionistas, IT-Girls and A-list international stars also “cannot resist” the charm of vintage pearl chokers, such as Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa , etc.

In addition to being confirmed as a royal jewelry brand, Garrard has also succeeded in attracting a large number of celebrity fans and affirming its unique position in the market. With Garrard, the most prominent can be mentioned Swan Lake jewelry. In 1997, one of the last times the late Princess Diana appeared in public, she wore a necklace in an unfinished jewelry set. This ring is a combination of diamonds and 5 pearls designed to be extremely sophisticated and outstanding.

Designer Coco Chanel once said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”. Since the legendary statement and the moment the powerful designer appeared in a black dress and pearl necklace, this piece of jewelry has become one of the icons of French fashion.

Experiencing many changes in the fashion flow, this fashion house still retains its bold innovative design but always shows the inherent femininity of women. Since then, Chanel’s signature logo has also been integrated into the pure pearl necklace, forming a unified block, a piece of jewelry that has both nobility, nobility and tenderness.

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