These Christmas flicks are a must-see

These Christmas flicks are a must-see

As true movie aficionados, no holiday can keep us from discussing about movies. So we decided to discuss about ten films that aren’t considered classic Christmas films and are frequently overlooked at this time of year, but are all set (at one point or another) during the holiday season. They’re all amazing in their own way, and they’re all worth remembering. Despite the fact that each video depicts a different aspect of the holiday, the enormously common denominator is clear, even when it isn’t in the foreground: family unity and a burning desire to avoid being alone.

These Christmas flicks are a must-see

If Christmas is only an excuse to have some lighthearted fun without the normal religious or familial burdens, don’t forget about “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” When it comes to Christmas action comedies, “Die Hard” or “Batman Returns” come to mind right away, but Shane Black’s directorial debut, the darkly comedic meta criminal caper, is often overlooked as one of the hidden gems of the Christmas movie sub-genre. Of course, the movie doesn’t mention the holiday at all (its Wikipedia page doesn’t even mention it), so if you remember only the film’s razor-sharp language, you’ll be OK. No one could blame you for enjoying the explosive chemistry between Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan, or the film’s numerous funny action sequences. However, if you watch it again, you’ll notice that there are Christmas references all over the place, including one outrageously trippy Hollywood Christmas party and a bar where Harmony (Monaghan) and Harry (Downey Jr.) reunited, all dressed out in red Christmas romance and glittering holly. When asked why he likes to place his thrillers during the holidays (remember “Lethal Weapon?” ), Black responded in an interview that it’s “a backdrop against which different things might play out.” but with a “touch of enchantment” and a “unifying, global heading” That’s all there is to it, guys. Not every Christmas film has to be about friends, family, or religion; it can simply be a nice backdrop and a subtle reminder of how much fun people can have with it. Plus, it can’t be a bad thing when Val Kilmer sends out a holiday message that we can all relate to: “Merry Christmas, I’m sorry I messed you over.”

Don’t forget about Jean-Marc Vallée’s “C.R.A.Z.Y.” if all you want for Christmas is your parents’ understanding. “Mon Oncle Antoine” is a Criterion-approved Quebecois Christmas classic, but we have a sweet spot in our hearts for Vallée’s heart-wrenchingly felt story about a boy born on Christmas Day. Zac Beaulieu (originally Emile Vallée, then Marc-André Grondin) is born on the same day as Jesus in 1960, which his devout Catholic mother never fails to impress upon him. Zac grows up into his mid-to-late 20s in the 1960s and 1970s, frantically attempting to live up to his father’s aspirations of becoming a “man’s man.” and his mother’s perceptions of his extraordinary abilities Which is becoming more of a problem as the years pass, because what makes Zac unique is his homosexuality, and he is compelled to live a lie in order to be accepted in his bigoted environment. Vallée utilises Zac’s birthdays as a time stamp for his coming-of-age, portraying it as a happy moment for everyone but Zac. “C.R.A.Z.Y.” can be viewed as a modern-day fable about a modern-day Christ figure who sacrifices his true identity to placate his father.He’s the only one who can bring him back to life. More than simply a chance to see Jean-Marc Vallée’s first film, which pushed him to Hollywood, where he now directs the industry’s greatest A-listers, “C.R.A.Z.Y.” is a chance to see one of the most unusual contemporary Christmas stories of the century, with a wickedly fantastic music as a bonus.

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