The evolution of photographer daniela rettore

The evolution of photographer daniela rettore

Photographer Daniela Rettore with Stylist – Benedetta Ceppi and model Fedola simulate human evolution through photos. Life begins with protozoa. Plants and insects become animals. Finally, humans with high technology

The evolution of photographer daniela rettore

The year 2021 is already half way through, yet life normalization is nowhere to be seen. The pandemic continues to ravage across all continents. The lockdown continues in Asia, Africa and South America. North America and Europe are slightly better because most of the population has been vaccinated, but still warn of the risk of strong transmission due to the delta virus.

Talking about pandemics, people often think of people who are infected or are concentrated in isolation camps. But there is another audience equally affected: children.

Normally, the children are free to fly. Whether it’s gathering at the end of the alley, passing by a friend’s house, or going to school, they always have a lot of friends. But when the pandemic came, the neighborhoods were blocked, forced to stay at home, causing the children to have ferrets. In European countries, some children are even sent home to live with their grandparents. Everyone is staying away from the epicenter of the pandemic, which is usually the big cities.

Boredom (boredom) photo series depicts the restlessness of children. Without friends, they have to entertain themselves when scouring the closets of grandparents and parents, dressing up and satisfying their own imagination. Retro outfits borrowed from adult wardrobes are different from what they normally wear every day, creating a new world for them during social distancing.

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