Shocked Djokovic bluntly: Determined not to vaccinate, ready to give up tennis

Shocked Djokovic bluntly: Determined not to vaccinate, ready to give up tennis

Novak Djokovic has broken his silence for the first time to talk about his vaccine & passport incident in Australia, which prevented him from competing at the first Grand Slam of the year. But Nole also throws another “bomb” to the public if they still question how he will perform for the rest of the year.

Shocked Djokovic bluntly: Determined not to vaccinate, ready to give up tennis

In an interview with the BBC, Djokovic said he would choose to give up upcoming tournaments or even a tennis career if he was asked to get vaccinated. “Yes, that is the price I am willing to pay. Because the principles of freedom to make decisions with your own body are always more important than titles or anything else. I’m trying to maintain my body the way I want,” Djokovic emphasized.

“I support the right to choose, to act or to say what each person feels. I do not vaccinate, but I still open up all possibilities for the future as we all have to work together to find the best solutions to end Covid-19. I have never been against vaccines, I understand that globally everyone is working to deal with this virus and hope to see the end of the pandemic as soon as possible.”

Djokovic commented that as a professional athlete, he will have to be even more careful with vaccinations. “A top athlete always has to look carefully, carefully study everything, from nutrients, food, water, everything that is loaded into the body to replenish energy. Based on the information I have gathered, I have decided not to get vaccinated,” Nole said.

Also in this interview, Djokovic denied some details that were mentioned by the media during his detention in Australia. Including this player participating in public events even though he knew he was positive for Covid-19.

“I understand there’s a lot of criticism and I also understand there will be different interpretations of what I’m doing, like I’m just too lucky or there’s something shady going on. But no one is fortunately infected with Covid-19, millions of people are still struggling daily with life amid the pandemic.

I’m very serious, I don’t like it when someone thinks I’ve abused some loophole just to test positive before coming to Australia,” Djokovic commented.

Nole continued, saying that his deportation from Australia was purely politically motivated. “I am sad and disappointed, but the error in the visa declaration was not intentional, the visa has in fact been accepted by the Federal Court and the Australian Department of Immigration.

I was not deported for not getting vaccinated, for breaking the law or for making a mistake in my visa declaration. I was deported because the Immigration Department thought that my presence would stir up the anti-vaccination movement in this country, which I completely disagree with,” he asserted.

Tennis beauty Raducanu is as strong as an athlete, lifting weights almost 4 times her body

After the US Open title in 2021, Emma Raducanu experienced a series of not as impressive performances as before. Entering each tournament, the 19-year-old tennis player is often highly rated, but she is eliminated early, or cannot advance to the final rounds.

Seeming to want to change both in strength and form, Raducanu recently performed very heavy exercises with the coach. Having a relatively thin, slender body (1m75 tall, 55 kg weight) but Raducanu caused a fever with the lifting of weights nearly 4 times his body weight.

Performing weightlifting movements with hips and abdomen, Raducanu “swallowed” the coach’s 180 kg push plan. Emma Raducanu is also impressed with her exercise, she shows on Instagram: “End of a working week with many different emotions and a great weight. Wishing everyone a happy weekend”.

Compatriot Naomi Broady commented: “It’s amazing, I can’t count the pieces, there are so many.”

Emma’s personal trainer, Alice Liveing, said: “Wonderful Emma! It’s really good to see women lift heavy weights and understand the positive benefits of strength training.”

Raducanu is currently ranked 12th in the world, from the beginning of 2022 the 19-year-old player has only played 3 matches (won 1, lost 2). As expected by Skysports in February, Raducanu will attend the Qatar Total Open in Doha, Qatar on February 20 and the Metropole de Lyon Open in France on February 28.

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