Put on the scale the huge fortune of 12 legendary victoria’s secret angels

Put on the scale the huge fortune of 12 legendary victoria's secret angels

Referring to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is referring to an era of the most extravagant and luxurious lingerie fashion on the planet. Although those flashy catwalks have been closed since 2019, the image of angels with hot bodies, captivating beauty and confident steps still shines like a wondrous anecdote in the mind.

Put on the scale the huge fortune of 12 legendary victoria’s secret angels

each person’s mind. It is also from here that a series of supermodels like Gisele Bündchen , Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, etc., from humble famous rookies, have found a “prestige” launch pad to continue to reap the glory in their career.

Recently, Kim Kardashian ‘s Skims ad campaign featuring four former angels including Heidi Klum , Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel once again evokes the iconic past. So after days of efforts, devoting her youth to Victoria’s Secret, who owns the most valuable assets? Below is the “wealth” ranking of 12 VS angels in 2022 by estimated net worth.

The huge $400 million figure doesn’t even take into account the $250 million from Gisele Bündchen’s husband Tom Brady’s fortune. Joining the Victoria’s Secret empire in 2000 with a $ 25 million contract, she is a legendary angel who pioneered the famous “horse walk” steps on the catwalk. At the age of forty, the Brazilian-born supermodel is still sought after by many brands such as CHANEL , Pantene and Carolina Herrera with millions of dollars in contracts.

After a $300,000 contract with the New York Metropolitan Models modeling agency in 1993, Heidi Klum appeared on the covers of prestigious magazines such as ELLE and Vogue. Thanks to her wild beauty, personality and always full of energy, she became the first German model to join the ranks of Victoria’s Secret lingerie angels in 1997. Heidi announced her withdrawal from the lingerie empire in 1997. 2010 after 13 years of service.

Klum’s current wealth comes from multiple sources of income. The entertainment mogul has ventured into many fields, from playing supporting roles in films like The Devil Wears Prada and Ocean’s 8 to hosting the fashion design reality show Project Runway . Her business ventures include lingerie brand Heidi Klum Intimates and even a clothing collection for supermarket chain Lidl.

Tyra Banks made history as the first African-American model to appear on the cover of a Victoria’s Secret catalog, marking the brand’s shift to more diverse looks from its inception. She earned millions of dollars starting a business and tried many positions such as host of America’s Next Top Model for two seasons 2017 and 2018, author of three books, host of The Tyra Banks Show and hostess of the cosmetic line Tyra Beauty.

Since 1999, the “big sister” of the angels has only been absent from one show in 18 years with Victoria’s Secret. Leaving the company 4 years ago, she continuously collaborates with brands such as Maybelline, Puma, Chopard, etc. Most of Adriana Lima ‘s income comes from the salary in TV Shows such as Ugly Betty , Superbowl advertising and countless television shows. number of large and small commercial contracts.

In fact, the British supermodel is not considered an official angel but she has many times strutted down the Victoria’s Secret runway. Many people have wondered why she did not join the ranks and Naomi Campbell frankly answered the British media: “They can’t afford to pay me” .

Naomi Campbell is recognized as one of the five most legendary supermodels. Her incredible net worth comes from hundreds of advertising contracts. Not to mention “black panther” is also the owner of the perfume line bearing her name, the founder of The Face program and has many other television appearances.

A professional model since the age of 15, Alessandra Ambrosio can be considered an identity face of Victoria’s Secret after joining in 2000. She was also chosen to be the first spokesperson for the company’s PINK line. Taking off her angel wings in 2017, she entered the acting field and launched the swimwear brand Ale by Alessandra. Brazilian model who landed the lead role in the movie Daddy’s Home 2 alongside Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson. She also repeatedly entered the ranking of the most expensive models in the world by Forbes.

As the first Australian model to join the big lingerie family, Miranda Kerr has always been noticed since she was a rookie in 2007. She is expected to continue the aura of Gisele Bundchen. But in 2013, rumors about working attitudes and contract conflicts caused Miranda to face a wave of negative publicity and leave her angel position.

However, the Australian model insists that in fact, she quit her job to spend more time with her family and devote herself to her two brain children: cosmetics brand Kora Organics – now valued at billions of dollars and other brands. Miranda Kerr Home furniture design. She also collaborated as a porcelain designer for the famous British brand Wedgwood. And if anything goes wrong, we’re sure she’ll be fine because her husband is Snapchat’s billionaire CEO, Evan Spiegel.

Born in a rich family but having to compete with two sisters with equally great income, Kendall Jenner has indeed “self-reliant” a lot to make a name in the modeling village. According to Forbes, Kendall was the highest-paid model in the world in 2017 and 2018. She has a beverage company called 818, which has always been a guarantee of revenue for commercial contracts and of course started the life. life of a “rich kid” since Keeping Up with the Kardashians was broadcast.

Doutzen Kroes is an actor and supermodel from the Netherlands. She started the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret from 2004 and officially wore angel wings from 2008 to 2013. She was the brand ambassador of L’Oréal since 2006. Besides, the “Dutch goddess” is also famous. known for charitable activities, especially HIV and AIDS prevention campaigns.

British beauty has been with Victoria’s Secret for 9 years since 2006. After breaking up the lingerie empire, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley mainly models for domestic high-end brands like Burberry, as the face. and inspiration for Marks & Spencer lingerie designs.

Coming from a “family” with a family background no less than her friend Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella are one of the hottest names at the moment. Perhaps Victoria’s Secret does not play an important role in Gigi’s career like other angels, but the catwalks here still bring back a lot of buzz when she just took her first steps in the modeling industry. Contracts with Maybelline, Evian, BMW, Versace and H&M are certainly “abundant” to help her consolidate her huge fortune.

The South African supermodel started her journey at Victoria’s Secret in 2010 and continues to extend her contract until today. She participated in the advertising campaigns of many big brands such as Tom Ford or Ralph Lauren , and launched her own sustainable swimwear brand called Tropic of C. Despite being 30 years old and having two children, Candice Swanepoel still the “goddess” Victoria’s Secret is the most interested in social networks. She owns more than 13.5 million followers on Instagram and is one of the top earning supermodels.

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