Kanye West from the most cherished rebellious guy to the name listed on the blacklist of luxury brands

Kanye West from the most cherished rebellious guy to the name listed on the blacklist of luxury brands

The passion for art and fashion has probably been ingrained in the blood of famous male rapper Ye (Kanye West) for many years. With strength, ingenuity, and thinking ahead of his time, he brought his name to the pinnacle of fame, building a globally famous Yeezy empire. After a series of marketing scandals from uncontrolled extravagance, the most “talented” person in the entertainment industry now receives the face of the fashion world, including “close friend” Balenciaga.

Kanye West from the most cherished rebellious guy to the name listed on the blacklist of luxury brands

Although famous for quality music products, in terms of fashion, Kanye West is not a “hands-on”. The male rapper, born in 1977, was a Fendi trainee, at the same time as the late Louis Vuitton Artistic Director – Virgil Abloh. Before being known as the Creative Director of the popular sneaker brand Yeezy – the brand that helped Kanye West join the ranks of the world’s billionaires, Ye had planned to give birth to two “brain children”. are Mascotte By K West and Pastelle.

As a prominent face of the entertainment industry at that time as well as owning a “huge” list of friends like Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones, it was not difficult for Ye to turn his plans on paper into reality. However, the Mascotte By K West project still could not be implemented,

When you first step into the path of fashion creation, it is difficult to avoid bumps. It wasn’t until 2011 that Kanye West returned to Paris Fashion Week with the DW by Kanye West collection in memory of her late mother – Donda West. The collection is aimed at the spirit of minimalism, and luxury but no less sexy. The body-hugging, bold cut is delicately handled on the basis of leather, satin, and silk… But by the end of the show, the collection was still not enough to impress the fans.

The whole story of Yeezy originates from the collaboration between Ye and Nike in 2009. This partnership only lasted for only 4 years, but during this time, Kanye released many spectacular sneakers. greatest of all time. The scarcity of ground-breaking fashion is clearly shown by the fact that not every sneakerhead with money can buy it.

Although the price is very high, it is even difficult to hunt, but sneaker fans still do not give up any opportunity to own a satisfactory pair of Yeezy. Most notably, the Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototype shoes sold for up to 1.8 million USD (more than 44 billion VND).

That’s not all, Yeezy’s more basic shoes that are resold in the secondary market also cost up to 5,000 USD (about 124 million VND). That alone is enough to realize the weight of the Yeezy brand and how much the sneakerhead’s desire to own it is.

After completing the cooperation with Nike, Kanye West began to shake hands with the “giant” Adidas with a deal of $ 10 million. The deal gives Ye full creative control and 15% royalties. And so a new era of Adidas Yeezy dominance officially began in 2015. The first shoe design to be released was the Yeezy Boost 750 – the most expensive retail shoe on the market.

The appeal of Yeezy Boost 750 is so great that customers have to line up in front of the store every day to open early to have the opportunity to hold this unique version of the shoe. Indeed, these shoe models are unique, only one of them returned on Yeezy Day 2019, and the rest never appeared on the market again.

For more than 7 years of “promoting” in the sneaker village, Adidas x Yeezy has always been the desire of many streetwear followers. The shoe versions continuously “sold out” on the first day of sale. In 2020, Ye appeared on Forbes’ billionaire list. Most of his income is “poured” from royalties of the partnership with Adidas. From the sneaker revolution through collaborations with Nike, Adidas and Louis Vuitton, Kanye West quickly established himself as one of the most influential innovators in fashion.

Once a highly sought-after candidate to become the next Art Director to take over the post-era Louis Vuitton menswear line by Virgil Abloh. However, regardless of whether Kanye West is worthy of the creative leadership position for the centuries-old French fashion house, a series of recent controversial events have caused the male rapper to be listed on “the blacklist” of luxury brands.

Fashion brand GAP wishes to maintain a cooperative relationship with Ye lasting up to 10 years. However, Ye’s side terminated the contract after 2 years. The male rapper’s lawyer, born in 1977, said that GAP violated agreements on product distribution, including the layout of a dedicated YZY GAP store.

The event that made the fashion world stir the most in the second half of 2022 was the launch show of the Yeezy SZN 9 collection in Paris. The show attracted the attention of many viewers because it was not only an event marking Ye’s return after ending the partnership with GAP but also because of the message “White Lives Matter” on the band’s shirt.

As the photos went viral on social media, Ye faced a barrage of criticism from top stars such as Jaden Smith, Gigi Hadid, and Boosie, as well as activists and editors, among them. Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. Before her candid comments, the male rapper repeatedly mocked the female editor on Instagram posts.

The Phi followed marketing, Ye continued to be “turned into a stranger” by the Spanish fashion brand Balenciaga after a series of non-standard statements. Previously, Kanye West was the opening face of the fashion house’s Spring Summer 2023 collection show in a high-end utility design. Not only that, but he is also famous as a close friend of Creative Director Demna Gvasalia over the years. But it seems that his actions have gone beyond the ethics and business principles of Kering Group in general and Balenciaga in particular. Balenciaga’s decisive move causes fashion houses who have worked with Ye to reconsider their cooperation.

Not stopping there, before the malicious comments about the Jewish community as well as the “White Lives Matter” event that shook the fashion field, the editor-in-chief of the powerful Vogue magazine Anna Wintour decided to “turn her face back.” ” with Kanye West. Although before that, she used to model for Ye’s Yeezy eyewear collection.

The boycott still shows no sign of stopping when Adidas announced the termination of cooperation with Kanye West. In response to actions that go against the original values ​​of the brand, Adidas stopped releasing Yeezy products and stopped paying royalties to Ye. At the same time, Adidas affirms that the fashion house has full copyright ownership of current products as well as previous and new color schemes in this partnership.

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