How to design the interior to be beautiful?

How to design the interior to be beautiful?

A cramped living room doesn’t mean you have to use small pieces of furniture . In fact, you can still show your personality and creativity into the living room even if the space is modest, not much furniture can be placed. But if the new home has a tiny living room or you are looking to redesign your modest living room, you can refer to the 11 design ideas below.

How to design the interior to be beautiful?

Round window with intimate reception space

If you want to copy the living room design of the Oasis project , designer Ellie Madsen recommends using mirrors. “If you don’t want to make the windows round, you can use a round mirror to give the same feel and if possible, face the window to help bring in more light,” says Madsen.

The eye-catching 1.8 x 1.8 m window is the focal point of the space and helps bring in plenty of natural light, a must for a small space. This type of window is actually two semicircular windows with a foot size of 0.9 x 1.8 m joined together.

Oasis is built on a trailer measuring 2.4 x 7.3 m and about 24 m2 wide, including the loft. The living room has dimensions of 3.6 x 2.4 m with bay windows to the outside.

Round windows and overhead bar table

This is a living room similar to the Oasis model with a circular window measuring 1.8 x 1.8 m, but the living space is pushed up with the use of a bar table. Accordingly, you should mount the bar table in the middle of the window, the table top facing the outside to create a clear view. In addition to being a drinking table, receiving guests, homeowners can use this bar table to work or a shelf for storage. This design saves more space.

Madsen recommends designing a bay window to the outside into the living room space if more seating is desired. That way, everyone sitting at the bar doesn’t get kicked in the window glass.

Multi-purpose furniture with plenty of storage space

To have this tiny house-like living room, don’t be afraid to invest in a large piece of furniture in an eye-catching color to make it the focal point of the room.

With Summit Tiny Homes, beams and floors are tinted to create a rustic look. Meanwhile, the wall-mounted shiplap panels (usually raw pine or regular sawn timber) are whitewashed with whitewash to clearly show the natural details of the wood. In addition to the copper furniture, the use of contrasting yellow and blue colors helps the living room space stand out more.

“This house was designed for a family of four, so there was a need for multipurpose furniture and ample storage space,” said Cera Bolla, design coordinator at Summit Tiny Homes.

The U-shaped couch is made up of movable boxes and can be turned into a bed when needed. In addition, these boxes also create more storage space for the house. The wall behind the couch has a separate staircase that leads up to the kids’ loft bedroom. Each staircase has additional storage space inside.

The dining table is divided into two unequal parts, which can be used simultaneously when the whole family eats or just a smaller part such as a bar table when just sitting and drinking.

Spacious living room in Bohemian style with multi-purpose furniture

The living room of Faith Poppy’s Hilltop Tiny House is a mix of Moroc, Scandinavian and Balinese design. The walls are clad in bare plywood for a Scandinavian look, while the potted plants and wicker lampshades give it a Balinese look. Pillows, fluffy duvets and a woven rug complete the room with a Morocian feel.

For the interior, Poppy chooses multi-purpose items to easily change and refresh the space. “It’s a great way to utilize a small space and also change the look of your home when you want a new layout,” says Poppy.

Minimalist, modern design

With the living room of the Kubrick house, the motto is that less furniture is better. “That means you need to be strategic with the artwork and decorations that you intend to incorporate into your small home. Use things you really love,” says Dea Lisica, Creative director of Wind River Tiny Homes.

This living room area is about 6 m2 in a 7.3 x 2.4 m house. However, the design of the house becomes very modern with clean lines and open spaces. The simple design and minimalist decor help the space feel much larger than it really is, says Lisica.

The dark black color of the window frames creates depth and interest, contrasting with the warm wood and bright white of the floors and stairs. A bench designed attached to the drawers both enhances the beauty of the room and creates more storage space.

Neutral, minimalist Scandinavian design

To create a minimalist look, this living room uses furniture in neutral tones. With a length of 2-3 m and a width of 2 m, the living room is walled with plywood slats in original color to create a modern and interesting feature for the space. The floor also uses the same type of wood. White walls reflect light from the windows and help expand the space.

The homeowner also put in some furniture and decor in neutral tones to highlight the monochrome theme of the room. In addition, a few potted plants are also placed around the room, bringing a minimalist Scandinavian design to the small house.

The living room of the Heritage house has a bench attached to the wardrobe below to maximize storage space as well as make use of every nook and cranny. To make the room feel bright and airy, find ways to let in as much light as possible with lots of windows and paint the walls white. Colored shiplap wall panels bring warmth. A special feature of the room is the foldable table, which makes use of more space.

Cozy, warm and rustic living room

Tiny house Toccoa has a modern farmhouse style with a little rustic inspiration. To recreate this look, use shiplap paneled walls for a classic, clean and modern look and brighten up the space. Dark wood tones in the floor and ceiling add contrast and warmth. A small wood stove is placed in, both heating and creating style for the room. In addition, leather, fur and wood materials bring rusticity.

The living room is 7.3 m long and 2.5 m wide. To maximize space even further, the staircase is made up of empty drawers and there is also a drawer under the couch for extra storage.

Teacup Tiny Homes brings a propane fireplace into the room to create warmth both literally and visually. At night, the fireplace has the ability to light up the entire room, while during the day, the windows and white walls are the factor that helps the room to be filled with natural light. A leather couch adds a modern touch and is the perfect, warm place to sit and watch the fire.

The living room is both traditional and modern with a large open space

The living room of the Brooks cottage is more spacious than most of the models mentioned in this article, measuring 17 square feet in a home that measures 11.5 by 3 meters. For a Brooks-like look, use bright whites and contrasting colors to make the area feel larger.

Unlike most living rooms in small homes, where furniture is placed against the wall, Brooks has put furniture in the middle space. However, with this layout, you need to choose the furniture carefully so that the room looks cozy, instead of cluttered. Complete the space with a faux sheepskin blanket, throw pillows, vintage books and ornaments, to create a feel that is both modern and classic.

Bold colors contrast with light colored walls and ceilings

The white shiplap wall panels are the “hero” in the living room design of this small house. It covers the entire wall and ceiling, helping to reflect more light into the room and bring out other colors. The designers at Teacup Tiny Homes placed shiplap panels vertically and horizontally for visual appeal as well as making the space appear longer and larger.

For furniture, don’t be afraid to use floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a sectional sofa (a sofa set made up of two or more identical pieces that can be used separately or put together). Even with a rich and bold color palette, the furniture looks just right in the space thanks to light-colored walls and ceilings.

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