Harry Kane wants to be a rugby player

Harry Kane wants to be a rugby player

Harry Kane is an avid fan of American football. Recently, the British striker confessed his dream of playing in the American NFL.

Harry Kane wants to be a rugby player

In February of this year, Harry Kane attended the 2019 Super Bowl football final in the US. He even named his two dogs after NFL stars Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. In an interview with ESPN , the Tottenham striker confirmed his desire to play in the US NFL.

“It’s true,” said Harry Kane of his desire to play in the NFL. “I could move there in the next 10-12 years. If I play football in the Premier League, the World Cup and then play football in the NFL, I can be considered the greatest sports player of all time,” Harry Kane continued.

Harry Kane says his motivation to play in the NFL comes from watching players like Tom Brady play. According to Kane, Tom Brady is his idol. He watched Tom Brady (41 years old) win his 6th Super Bowl title with the New England Patriots. One thing Kane and Brady have in common is that they weren’t appreciated when they were young, but later on, both achieved success.
“Not many people think Brady is going to be a great football player or even play in the NFL. But he became the greatest rugby player ever. That really gave me motivation. Look at him, it’s proof that anything is possible. If you have faith in yourself, desire and drive, you can do it,” continued Harry Kane.

This season, Harry Kane has scored 17 goals in 26 Premier League appearances. With what has been announced, Harry Kane can switch to rugby after retiring from his playing career. In rugby there is a kicker position that fits Harry Kane very well. However, players in this position are often paid very low wages compared to players in other positions (about 1 million USD/year). But Harry Kane has also insisted that he plays football not for money: “I want to play in the NFL for the sake of being the best player, not for the money.”

Shining at Super Bowl 2018, Justin Timberlake received a “rain” of praise from international stars

Returning to the Super Bowl stage 14 years after the incident of tearing the shirt of co-star Janet Jackson, despite conflicting opinions not only about the “stain” of the past but also about the idea of ​​​​remembering the legendary singer. Prince voice, Justin Timberlake gave a memorable performance.

Taking place early this morning, February 5, Vietnam time in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, the American Super Bowl Super Bowl is the most anticipated event of the year in this country with about 170 million followers. live tracking.

There is about 30 minutes break between rounds that is devoted to commercials and music shows. The name “covering” the show during this year’s break is Justin Timberlake .

It is known that the National Football League (NFL) has never paid performance fees to singers participating in the program. But in return, the invisible remuneration from fame and “huge” followers makes the 30-minute break the dream time for every singer.

In addition, singers are often covered by sponsors. This year the sponsor accompanying Justin Timberlake is Pepsi.

Right after that, the whole US Bank stadium was covered in purple, Justin Timberlake made the whole audience burst into tears when sitting at the piano singing I Would Die 4 U to commemorate the legendary Prince, a son of Minneapolis.

Previously, there were many rumors about Justin’s use of a hologram (hologram) of Prince, but in fact the image of the legendary singer was only shown on the big screen. In particular, US Bank Stadium from above can see Prince’s signature sign “drawn” with fanciful purple light.

Before the Super Bowl took place, there were many opinions “warning” Justin Timberlake about restraining himself, avoiding “excessive” actions such as the case of “tearing” his former co-star Janet Jackson or carelessly touching the ring. 3 by Kylie Minogue at the Brit Awards.

And it seems that the third time standing on the Super Bowl stage, Justin Timberlake has learned from experience. He received a “rain” of compliments not only from fans but also famous “colleagues”.

Demi Lovato wrote on Twitter: “Justin Timberlake continues to “break” the performance”

“Two words. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Unbelievable. LEGENDARY,” wrote Nick Jonas.

The “host” of the hit TV show The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres said: “My friend Justin Timberlake just “broken” it”

“Awesome!!! Perfect without editing!! It’s amazing. I love it!”, actress and TV presenter Jimmi Fallon couldn’t hide her emotions.

However, besides the “winged” compliments for Justin Timberlake’s performance, there are also some unsatisfied comments about the sound quality, to the point that sometimes the audience can’t hear Justin Timberlake sing.

“Is the sound working or is it just because I’m too old to hear the music?” one audience member quipped on Twitter.

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