Fashion museum a place to keep the love of art

Fashion museum a place to keep the love of art

The fashion capital of Paris is home to the most unique fashion museums in the world. The Palais Galliera is named after the Duchess of Galliera and will become the only permanent fashion museum in France. This is a great testament to the Duchess’s love of art in particular and Parisians in general. In particular, the collaboration with fashion house Chanel since 2019 has brought Palais Galliera’s unique position in the fashion world around the world. Coming to this fashion museum, the public can admire the historical costumes and reminisce about the fashion flow in France from the 20th century to the present day, as well as feel deeply the love of fashion at this museum. capital city Paris.

Fashion museum a place to keep the love of art

The fashion industry is no stranger to the name Anna Wintour. At the MET Costume Institute, New York, in addition to displaying fashion works from famous designers in the world, MET gives special favor to the fashion industry mogul by dedicating one of the best spaces in the world. A large space called the Anna Wintour Costume Center. It can be seen that the respect of the fashion industry for the dedication of an outstanding individual, showing the two-way of art love. When someone spends their life loving fashion, they will receive a hundred thousand times more love from the public.

Gucci Garden embodies the timeless Italian inspiration with beauty. Located in the heart of the Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, the Gucci Garden is also the symbol of Italy’s most famous fashion house. The unique feature of Gucci Garden lies in the fact that this place is a combination of two prides of the Italian people, fashion and cuisine. On the grounds of Gucci Garden, in addition to admiring Gucci’s outstanding designs, guests have the opportunity to enjoy dishes from one of the world’s best chefs, Massimo Bottura.

For the Japanese, history is the present and also the future. Therefore, Japan pays special attention to preserving fashion imprints through the periods. Coming to the Kyoto Costume Museum, visitors will discover a space that blends the mystery of the East and the innovation of the West. This museum displays everything from traditional Japanese clothes to modern outfits. Thereby, the meeting point of East and West is seen and the Japanese spirit of welcoming the new while preserving the ancient beauty.

Museum of Fashion Fashion Voyage Gallery is the place to store, display and exhibition of collections of fashion, the art of fashion or materials of one of the chain of events fashion world class in Vietnam Nam founded by talented director Long Kan – Fashion Voyage. More than a fashion museum, Fashion Voyage Gallery is also a space for dialogue with fashion, an exhibition of fashion collections of designers who have participated in Fashion Voyage seasons such as Le Thanh Hoa, Adrian Anh Tuan, Vo Cong Khanh, Lam Gia Khang, Hoang Minh Ha, Le Ngoc Lam and Top 7 Fashion Voyage Designer 2021.

Fashion Voyage Gallery has officially operated since November 21, 2021 and is currently welcoming thousands of art and fashion loving hearts to gather and enjoy.

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