Anthony Edwards’ Viral Catchphrase Sparks Minneapolis Tourism Frenzy and Barkley Banter

The now-viral tagline “Bring ya ass,” which Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards accidentally coined in response to NBA icon Charles Barkley during a post-game interview, has unintentionally become the city’s biggest tourism booster. This short but powerful statement has gone viral on social media, inspiring many to use it as their username, a call to action, and even as a possible new state motto for Minnesota.

The three-word reaction to Barkley’s assertion that he hadn’t been to Minneapolis in twenty years started a lighthearted conversation between the two basketball legends. Barkley claims he was in Minnesota for the NCAA men’s Final Four Tournament at U.S. Bank Stadium in 2019, although evidence reveals he was there as recently as then. Still, it appears that Edwards’ invitation struck a chord because even non-basketball fans have shown a renewed desire to visit the city.

The Timberwolves and the city of Minneapolis are experiencing a spike in excitement due to the team’s on-court success as well as Edwards’ contagious personality and now-famous catchphrase. This craze has been further stoked by the team’s impending Western Conference finals clash against the Dallas Mavericks, with tickets for the first two games at Target Center selling out quickly.

Legislative action may be necessary to formally approve “Bring ya ass” as the state motto, but its influence on tourism and civic pride cannot be denied. The expression has come to represent both the city’s friendliness and the Timberwolves’ spirit of perseverance.

The Star Tribune Taste team has put together a list of restaurant choices for people who are motivated to explore Minneapolis after reading Edwards’ invitation. This way, guests can take advantage of both the exciting basketball action and the city’s thriving culinary scene.

Fans can watch the whole best-of-seven series on TNT or stream it on Max as the Timberwolves continue their postseason run. Bring your energy and, in the words of Anthony Edwards, “Bring ya ass!” whether you’re rooting from the stands or from your house.

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