After a tense battle with Gypsy King Fury the Crazy Man UFC made peace

After a tense battle with Gypsy King Fury the Crazy Man UFC made peace

After exchanging words with “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury, “Crazy guy” Conor McGregor took the initiative to make peace. There used to be a pretty close relationship in the past, but recently Boxing heavyweight star Tyson Fury and famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor have had a back and forth on social networks.

After a tense battle with Gypsy King Fury the Crazy Man UFC made peace

Their relationship broke down when Tyson Fury posted a photo of Khabib Nurmagomedov (the opponent who won McGregor) and praised the Russian boxer. “The Gypsy King” wrote: “This man has had a great career. Compete and win and then rise to the top. I have great respect for this boxer.”

McGregor was defeated by Khabib in 2018, the Irishman was not happy with Fury’s comments, so he lashed out at the British boxer as follows: “I’m Billy Joe Saunders’ best friend, but what did he do when your dad needed you? help. You abandoned him.” McGregor meant to “spin” Fury as Saunders’ best friend but couldn’t help your dad in a ring fight.

Responding to the Irish puncher’s sarcasm, Fury replied: “Comment when you’re an undefeated boxer, I create less trouble and get everyone’s fans. You’re just a bully, because you beat the old man. ”

McGregor then replied: “Oh can’t make all the fans love me, what should I do, idiot. You’re just an asshole who watched his friend’s father get assaulted. is the end of friendship”.

The war of words eventually subsided, the two martial arts stars then calmly gave each other more pleasant words. Fury said in a clip: “Conor McGregor is MMA, isn’t he? It’s the symbol of the game. I can’t name three more MMA fighters, I can’t.”

McGregor also posted a clip “reciprocating” Tyson Fury: “All is well, we forgot everything. We made it up. God will always bless you (Fury)”.

The war of words between the two martial arts stars has ended there, in front of Fury and McGregor are aiming for their own goals.

With Fury, he is planning to play a $ 30 million rematch with Dillian Whyte on April 23 in the UK. McGregor is also working hard to train, is expected to return to the ring in the second quarter of this year.

Coach reveals Nadal’s strongest point, comparable to Michael Jordan

With the Australian Open championship in 2022, Rafael Nadal has lifted the Grand Slam trophy for the second time in Australia, the Spaniard also reached the 21st major tennis title of his career. The Spaniard “Gaur” automatically surpassed his two colleagues Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic to set the record of a player who won the most Grand Slams in men’s singles history.

Success is personal to Nadal, but overall, coach Carlos Moya has made a significant contribution. Since working with Nadal since 2016, the 45-year-old former tennis player has helped his students have 7 more Grand Slams. Coach Moya knows Rafa’s strengths and weaknesses and realizes what is the most powerful “weapon” of the player who is ranked 5th in the world.

“When I arrived in 2016, he was just over 30 years old, but I had a medium to long-term vision. He believed and wanted to grow in a number of ways that could make a longer-term impact. We I had a talk and I see he’s still very motivated, wants to win the Grand Slam again. And that’s why I believe, anything is possible.” Moya told Punto De Break in a recent interview.

People once praised Nadal’s strongest point is his will, tireless efforts on the court, but the 45-year-old coach revealed another special thing. Rafa is too full of titles, the gameplay is almost perfect, but he is always listening, ready to change.

“I said, if he wants to prolong his career, he has to take risks, so always be ready for change. Maybe people aren’t aware of the quality he has, no matter what. Whatever I suggested to him, he followed,” Moya continued.

“I always say that Rafa is one of the smartest tennis players on the court, one of the best game readers, who always comes up with a plan B, a plan C…If Rafa finds his opponent’s weakness. player, he will make full use of it, that is the quality of a champion,” Moya praised his students.

And most importantly, Moya also compared Nadal to the greatest sports legends: “Sports legends like Nadal can only be counted on the fingers. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods are people with similar qualities. , tennis has Novak Djokovic. They all carry the champion’s DNA, can adapt to change in a match.”

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