7 styles of winter hats for women to keep you warm and fashionable

7 styles of winter hats for women to keep you warm and fashionable

When the cold season comes, many people are busy buying jackets to keep themselves warm, but they leave an important part exposed: the top of their head. Forgetting to wear a hat can make you more susceptible to colds. Besides, the wind blowing through makes your hair tangled. Therefore, the purchase of a winter hat is very necessary.

7 styles of winter hats for women to keep you warm and fashionable

Beanie is a style of hood that can be knitted from wool, stretch cotton, or even felt. This hat style is stitched together from many triangular pieces of fabric. They are sewn together, at the top of the head is attached a button to cover the joint.

Beanie hats are preferred because of their elasticity, which fits many head sizes. The material is thick, warm, and can be covered up to the ears to protect the ears in the cold wind. Non-gender design, suitable for both men and women, so it can also become a simple item to complete the style of a couple outfit for friends or lovers.

Note when wearing a beanie hat : You should choose to buy that type of length that fits your head, when you put it down, don’t leave excess fabric shaking on the top of your head. That extra fabric can make you look a bit like the Smurfs in the comics!

The beret hats are remembered again recently when they appeared in the romantic comedy Emily in Paris .

The beret style is a winter hat model for women with long origins in Europe. The first time it became a fashion accessory was in 1920. In the past, beret hats were usually made of felt or wool, but now there are more leather materials such as cotton, tweed, fur…

Berets are especially lovely and feminine. It is suitable for many hairstyles. Short or long, straight or curly, this women’s winter hat can weigh well.

Note when wearing beret hat : Hats made of knitted wool will be softer and more flat when compared to hats made of felt. If you don’t like the feeling of the hat flattening on your head, you should choose a sturdy material.

In French, pretty women who like to dress up like men are called gamines. The gamine style promoted by Coco Chanel in the 20th century included items like striped sailor tops, wide-leg pants, tweed outfits, and masculine hats like the newsboy cap or flat cap.

Newsboy cap has a protruding brim in front, a round hat made of triangular flaps, tied on top with a button (similar to a beanie). It’s called a newsboy cap because the boys who delivered long-term newspapers in America and Europe in the 18th and 20th centuries often wore this hat.

Flat cap at first glance is very similar to newsboy cap. This hat also has a brim for sun protection. However, the structure of the flat cap is very different from the newsboy cap. The hat shell is made from rectangular pieces of fabric, assembled by flat seams, without buttons at the top of the head like newsboy caps. Because of this flat structure, flat cap feels flatter when compared to newsboy cap.

Nice hat tip : Both of these hats can be worn with menswear, jeans, or tweed suits. However, due to their relatively flat texture, it is recommended that you curl your hair, creating a beautiful and fashionable contrast when wearing a hat.

The weakness of many of the women’s winter hats listed above is that they don’t protect your ears from cold winds. And the freezing cold earlobe is very painful but not comfortable at all. One way to help you overcome this is to use earmuffs.

Vietnamese call it a hat, but earmuffs are actually like a headband. However, instead of being placed under the ear, it completely covers the earlobe, protecting the ear from cold weather.

Earmuffs are usually made from real fur, faux fur or wool, shaggy and very cute. They are suitable for women who like a feminine and graceful style.

Tips for wearing earmuffs : You can combine earmuffs with a flat hat like a beret or beanie. This will be the warmest combination and still very fashionable. When you don’t need to wear it anymore, you can pull it down to wrap around your neck. And bro, the earmuffs from an ear-covering accessory to a scarf are also very soft.

Structurally, the balaclava is very similar to the beanie hat. However, instead of calling it a hat, it is more correct to call the balaclava a skiing headwear. This knitted headgear goes all the way down to the nape of the neck, covering the mouth and hat, leaving only a window right in front of the eyes.

This style of winter hat was first recorded in the 1850s in Russia. During the Crimean War (1853-1856), this type of hat was knitted for soldiers to combat the harsh cold of the Crimean peninsula. It later became a favorite accessory for skiers. When going skiing, just put on a balaclava hat and then wear ski goggles, and you are ready to protect your eyes and head from the cold wind.

During a global pandemic, this type of hood that covers the mouth and nose is especially popular, as it is seen as providing a layer of protection over the mask.

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