Verstappen wins first F1 – Part 2

Verstappen wins first F1 - Part 2

Taking advantage of the golden opportunity, Red Bull once again called Verstappen to change to a new set of soft tires. When he returned to the track, Verstappen was still in second place, but sandwiched between him and the first place were still 5 cars that were caught in the loop (including Leclerc, Vettel, Ricciardo, Stroll and Schumacher). Meanwhile, Mercedes helplessly witnessed Red Bull change the tire but could not follow because it fell into a passive position.

Verstappen wins first F1 – Part 2

Surprisingly, at this time, the referees announced that the cars caught in a circle could not pass safely. If the situation remains the same, when the race resumes with only one or at most two laps ahead, even though the distance has been significantly shortened, Verstappen will have to get through five cars to be able to get through. consider attacking Hamilton.

Horner immediately connected the exchanger to Masi, protesting the decision not to allow the vehicle to be caught in a roundabout to pass safely. This backlash helps Red Bull benefit greatly. When the safety car was about to withdraw from the track, Masi issued a notice to the cars caught around to safely overtake. Mercedes was completely stunned and did not have time to react.

The race had only one lap left, while Verstappen, with the advantage of a large tire difference, was right behind Hamilton because the cars caught in the lap had been removed from the field between the two leading cars. When the race resumed at the end of lap 57, Verstappen closed in on Hamilton and immediately attacked his opponent as the team crossed the starting line. Despite his best efforts, the great disadvantage due to the difference in tires made Hamilton helpless to see his opponent lift his hand to victory, when the race was only measured in seconds. Due to the second place, the British driver lost the opportunity to surpass his predecessor Michael Schumacher to monopolize the F1 hegemony with 8 championships.

When the race was over, Hamilton stopped the car and froze for a while in the cockpit, then brought the car back to the technical area. In the Mercedes’ steering area, Toto Wolff was as stunned as he could not believe they let the victory fall. Contrary to the gloomy scene in the Mercedes area, the Red Bull employees went crazy when the wind reversed in Abu Dhabi, and the Verstappen chicken was crowned the world champion under an extremely difficult scenario.

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