Terry Crews is hosting a 24-hour live painting session for the holidays

Terry Crews is hosting a 24-hour live painting session for the holidays

Terry Crews, who plays Bob Ross on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” is hosting a live, 24-hour painting session. On YouTube right now, NBC is airing “A Very Terry Christmas: Cozy 24-Hour Painting Sesh with Terry Crews,” and while there is some deception involved and the actor isn’t truly painting for a full day, the illusion is convincing enough.

Terry Crews is hosting a 24-hour live painting session for the holidays

According to NBC’s website, the video we’re watching is actually a 42-minute looped video. Crews is a natural host, not only as a painter (his colour mixing is particularly amazing), but also as a painter. He imitates Ross by saying things like, “Don’t you just love a blue sky?” The sky is a lovely, Christmas-y blue.” By alleging that former talent agency Adam Venit grabbed him at a 2016 party, the actor has become an unexpected component of the #MeToo movement during the last year. Crews says he accepted Venit’s apologies and released it publicly following Venit’s departure from William Morris Endeavor. Venit’s letter begins, “The goal of my letter is to begin a discourse in service of accepting responsibility for the emotional challenge that this experience has given you and your family.” “I’ve committed myself to spiritual self-discovery in order to be the greatest person I can be for the rest of my life and, hopefully, make a difference in the lives of myself, my family, and everyone I know.” Crews most recently appeared in the films “Sorry to Bother You” and “Deadpool 2” this year, in addition to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

“It’s almost like, what is it, preseason auditions.” Terry Crews, host of “America’s Got Talent,” described it as “like a preseason game.” “The live shows are like Sunday at 1 p.m. for all the marbles.” Last season, the marbles were rolled out in front of a virtual audience, but this season, the Dolby Theater is filled with a vaccinated, in-person audience. “I’m dying to get back into that Dolby with folks!” Crews added, “Actual, live humans.” And spectators at home will begin voting tonight on who should stay in the game and who should leave. Crews added, “It’s just like my experience in the NFL, anything can happen.” “The ball has the ability to bounce this way or that way.” You have no idea.” The NBC franchise’s quarterfinal rounds of competition begin on Tuesday, with 36 artists due to perform at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles — and no one is “happier” than the cast and crew to be returning to the venue.

As the show returns to some semblance of normalcy amid the ongoing COVID crisis, executive producers Jason Raff and Sam Donnelly, as well as host Terry Crews and veteran judge Howie Mandel, tell PEOPLE how season 16 will differ from season 15, which filmed the Judge Cuts on a drive-in theatre in Simi Valley and the rest of the competition on lots at Universal Studios Hollywood last summer during the height of the pandemic. “The biggest thing we’re excited about is that we’ve found out a safe way to have a live audience once more. Our fans will be properly vaccinated and masked, and we can’t wait to bring this excitement back to the Dolby Theatre,” the EPs say, adding that the audience will make the theatre “feel alive with their clapping and enthusiasm.”” “It certainly was the best and most creative way to turn a very difficult situation into something fantastic, while providing some much-needed escapism to families across America,” they say, despite the fact that Universal Studios was a one-time switch-up after COVID shut down many productions in California.

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