Summer beauty tip from gigi hadid turn a swimsuit into a bodysuit

Summer beauty tip from gigi hadid turn a swimsuit into a bodysuit

Summer has come. And we dream of vacationing on endless green beaches. This also means buying a new swimsuit bluff. Personally, I have already started planning the styling, styling 7749 beach and pool silhouettes.

Summer beauty tip from gigi hadid turn a swimsuit into a bodysuit

But the reality is that we don’t all have the opportunity to go to the beach as much as we want. So what to do with the new batch of swimwear? The simple answer is to turn your swimsuit into a bodysuit! Here’s a nice dressing tip from Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid has teamed up with brand Frankies Bikinis to launch an exclusive collection. At the collection launch party, the model appeared on the streets of New York with a swimsuit she designed. She mixed a one-piece swimsuit (monokini) with low-rise trousers and a super short crop top.

Thanks to Gigi Hadid’s way of turning a swimsuit into a bodysuit, the one-piece swimsuit is fully flattering, but it doesn’t look strange when worn on the streets of New York instead of at the beach.

Wearing a swimsuit down the street like Gigi Hadid is not difficult. You can turn a one-piece swimsuit into a bodysuit; turn a bikini into a bra top; or wear a tankini shirt as a kind of sportswear.

Items to complete your beach-to-street outfit will be an outer blazer, a super-short crop top like Gigi Hadid’s, a cardigan, trousers, jeans or shorts. Don’t forget a stylish pair of shoes. Surely no one will know you are wearing a swimsuit down the street!


Beauty care is an essential need of every woman, regardless of age. Over time, along with the influence of age and external factors, our skin will gradually age. In the past, in order to retain the youthful features on the face, we needed to have skin tightening surgery, or use laser, needle roller, filter injection…

However, not all methods are suitable for everyone, and not all methods are suitable for everyone. Not everyone is comfortable with surgery. Meeting the needs of women, the method of rejuvenation with biological thread was born, with the advantages of safety and natural beauty on the face.

Recently, Harper’s Bazaar had a talk with Dr. Ragni Funner – a leading esthetician from London. Dr. Ragni has many years of experience with PPP Infinitive Lift rejuvenation procedures , and has been a trainer for many plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons for more than 5 years in Europe over the past 5 years in Europe. and United Kingdom. This is the doctor’s first time in Asia and is excited to share his experience in the field.

Dr. Ragni Funner: I’ve developed a gentle, careful, safe bio-threading technique that is as gentle as possible, while still providing optimal results. The best thing about this method is that it can be used on any part of the body. From facial rejuvenation, nose bridge shaping, lifting, firming the entire face area, slimming the V-line jawline, rejuvenating and slimming the neck area to breast reconstruction, hand rejuvenation . With this method, the customer’s face will be at least 10-15 years younger, maintaining youthful features for up to 5 years.

The biological thread used in the PPP Infinitive Lift process is manufactured and granted a European standard certificate (CE approved certificate) for the first time in Asia and exclusively for the PPP brand. This is a bio-resorbable thread. The threads will dissolve in the body after about 12 to 18 months depending on the type of thread used on different areas.

This method is considered to have an outstanding advantage over plastic surgery because it brings similar results but is low-risk, safe, requires little downtime. Therefore, customers can be completely assured when using this method.

Dr. Ragni Funner: I am very honored to come here to guide and provide intensive technical training for 2 leading doctors at PPP Laser Clinic. I was really impressed with their professional skills as well as their ability to quickly grasp the experiences I imparted. I believe that the doctors at PPP will be able to continue performing these procedures, practicing what was taught after I returned home.

Dr. Ragni Funner: It depends on each person’s needs. You can have surgery if you want, but there are many people who are insecure about surgery so they will turn to Infinitve Lift. This is a non-invasive technique but still brings good skin tightening rejuvenation effect.

Dr. Ragni Funner: You should not wash the head and exit points of the thread, do not wash your hair for the first 3 days, do not massage your face or take care of your skin, but you can wash your face with an antiseptic. In addition, you should not do heavy exercise in the first 4 weeks, do not exercise for the first 14 days.

Infinitive Lift uses a needle to create holes in the skin. Therefore, we must be careful to avoid bacteria entering. It usually takes about 4 weeks for the thread to fuse into the skin. During that time, depending on the location, the facial skin may be swollen, there may be a stinging sensation, sometimes there will be bruising, but this is very rare.

Dr Ragni Funner: In the UK, many customers reuse PPP Infinitive Lift after a few years. I still find this therapy to be effective. Once the thread has disappeared, your doctor will still be happy to do the procedure again for you. However, it is not necessary for you to come back after 2-3 months.

Each skin will react differently. In cases where the skin has lost too much elasticity, we may still consider placing a few more threads after 1-2 months. Since this method is quite flexible, the customers are very satisfied.

Dr. Ragni Funner: This is the first time this procedure has been done in Asia. Receiving positive customer feedback makes me even more excited. In general, all customers who use Infinitive Lift are very satisfied, because they can clearly feel the change in sagging or fatty skin.

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