Stunned the beauty of Disney beauties when they have to leave their faces bare: Elsa looks “fade” so much better than Mulan!

vStunned the beauty of Disney beauties when they have to leave their faces bare: Elsa looks "fade" so much better than Mulan!

The world of Disney animation is always meticulously elaborated to produce the best frames. In particular, the enchanting beauty of the “Rat House” women’s association has left an impression, everyone is more charismatic than people, whether it is a “cake beo” princess or a ruthless villain.

Stunned the beauty of Disney beauties when they have to leave their faces bare: Elsa looks “fade” so much better than Mulan!

However, once the outer makeup is removed, what is left of the Disney beauties? Which character stays the same? Who was mercilessly “drowned”? Let’s take a look at the test below to determine who is more beautiful than who!

Snow Queen Elsa is more charismatic than people but still needs lipstick, anyone who despises the power of makeup, please refer to this case right away!

The image on the right should be the real Mermaid, just right for the “pale” water-soaked skin, and historical in the time when there were no waterproof cosmetics.

Whether barefaced or not, Hua Mulan is still very feminine, no matter how she reveals her identity “too fast, too dangerous” in battle.

Where is the lovely Snow White without the help of mascara! If only the Magic Mirror could see it, there would never be a “more beautiful” flattery.

Fortunately, the village girl Belle still maintains the same salty style as the title ” Beauty “, such a gentle beauty tells why Monster is infatuated.

No need for fancy makeup, Merida is still the most personal princess of Pixar-Disney thanks to her messy hair, “fire-screaming” eyes and strong mouth.

Just a little lack of emphasis on the eyes, but the Indian princess Pocahontas “degraded”, so I see that eyeliner is the ultimate weapon in a girl’s beauty manual.

Princess Jasmine is also a “crazy fan” of the cat-eye eyeliner style, it’s true that without makeup it’s paler than “snail juice”

Moana officially won the “first prize with bare face” thanks to her healthy Hawaiian beauty, not only radiant but also full of confidence.

With a real-life beauty like this, the Evil Queen is “probably” far superior to Snow White, just a sharp look that understands the terrible heart.

The dark fairy Maleficent is still as powerful as she is even though she removes the purple eye color, the cartoonish visuals are so high-quality that she is the most popular Disney villain

As the ” dalmatian ” queen, Cruella De Vil had to invest in a fashion-forward look , before she could make up, she immediately had 2-color hair that was “outrageous”.

Abandoning “blue eyes, red beak”, the witch Ursula is also gentle, thinking that Disney villains wear makeup every night just to assert themselves as evil…

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) is not only a classic Disney work, but also the source of the “princess” series of the world’s most powerful animation studio. However, the real message from this film is still a mystery in the eyes of the audience. Especially when looking back at the familiar happy ending – is it all just an illusion created by Disney, in order to cover up the brutal truth related to Snow White’s fate?

According to a convincing theory on Buzzfeed, Snow White actually died after eating the poisoned apple and after that, there was no resurrection. The kiss concept of true love is just “romanticizing” the boundary between life and death. Moreover, there are details that confirm that Snow White “goes to heaven”, forever unable to survive the murder plot.

Specifically, the appearance of the Prince’s white horse at the funeral is reminiscent of the biblical horseman of Revelation. It is a harbinger of death, misfortune, and a metaphor for the presence of Death. Even the kiss between Snow White and the Prince is similar to the way the soul is extracted from the body. Therefore, the final destination of Snow White is the brilliant golden castle – symbolizing the distant paradise.

In addition, the true identity of the 7 dwarfs is also mentioned in a certain theory, directly related to an evil in 16th century Germany. According to many viewers, at the time of Grimm fairy tales When it was released, child labor was still widespread throughout Europe. Therefore, it is possible that Disney built the image of the 7 dwarfs from the “mine diggers”, implying that there is nothing really pure in Disney movies.

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