Miss Universe celebrates causing a storm when the player’s boyfriend receives a record salary

Miss Universe celebrates causing a storm when the player's boyfriend receives a record salary

The 27-year-old beauty, Olivia Culpo is Miss America 2012 – the same year she was crowned Miss Universe, dating player Christian McCaffrey, just 23, who has been playing for the Carolina Panthers since the summer of 2019.

Miss Universe celebrates causing a storm when the player’s boyfriend receives a record salary

Olivia Culpo is no stranger to American football because she often appears to watch matches at the NFL professional league for a long time, because before that, with the title of Miss Universe, she was also a lover of players such as: Tim Tebow ( New York Mets) or Danny Amendola (Detroit Lions).

However, since getting to know Christian McCaffrey, this Miss Universe beauty has had great joy when her boyfriend has just signed a contract extension with the Carolina Panthers team for another 4 years with a total value of up to 64 million USD.

Accordingly, each year Christian McCaffrey will receive a salary of up to 16 million USD/year, this is considered the highest salary in NFL history, surpassing the old record of player Ezekiel Elliot (Dallas Cowboys team) receiving 15 million USD. /year before.

This salary also increased significantly when Christian McCaffrey, an alumnus of Stanford University , began signing a contract for the early years to play for the Carolina Panthers from 2017 for a total of only $ 17.2 million.

To celebrate this groundbreaking event, Olivia Culpo celebrated her boyfriend with a provocative dance and turned on champagne, recording a clip posted on Instagram that has up to 4.6 million followers with the status line: “We’re celebrating.”

Worth mentioning, the celebration of this former Miss Universe took place at a time when the United States was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, so it was criticized by many people. Olivia Culpo then had to delete the clip and the status line celebrating her boyfriend at the wrong time.

Former American football star Reche Caldwell was shot dead at home

According to TMZ (USA) channel, the incident is shaking the American sports village and just happened last Saturday night (local time) in Tampa, Florida. At that time, Reche Caldwell, 41, was on a date with his girlfriend, but he returned home to get his coat when two strangers ambushed with guns and shot him in the chest and legs.

Due to his injuries, Reche Caldwell died on the way to the hospital. According to the mother of the former NFL star athlete ( American professional football ), Ms. Deborah said this was a targeted murder, not a random robbery.

Currently, US police are investigating the incident and also suspect that this is a murder, not a robbery, because two strangers have ambushed this former athlete.

Reche Caldwell used to have 7 successful seasons in the NFL for famous teams, including the New England Patriots in 2006 alongside the famous star athlete of this tournament, Tom Brady .

Reche Caldwell’s younger brother, Andre Caldwell, also played in the NFL for the Detroit Lions from 2016 to the present, and was a Super Bowl champion.

Therefore, the news of Reche Caldwell’s death shocked the American sports village in general and the NFL in particular. Athlete Tom Brady also took to Instagram to write messages in memory of his ill-fated former teammate.

“Super Bowl halftime show” 2020: 13 minutes, worth 13 million USD

This year’s Super Bowl final match between the two San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs teams on Hard Rock Stadium with a capacity of more than 65,000 seats in City, Miami, Florida (USA), and takes place at 6:30 am on February 3 (USA). Vietnam time).

In particular, the mid-half performance, also known as the “Super Bowl halftime show”, of this match has become a trademark and inherently an indispensable spiritual food in Super Bowl matches from time immemorial.

This year, once again, the organizers continue to make their mark with the most elaborate preparation for this performance to resonate greatly with viewers and the public across the United States.

This year’s “Super Bowl halftime show” is performed by two famous female singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, alongside other singers and hundreds of dancers.

In addition, just for this short 13-minute performance, in addition to the huge cost of 1 million USD per minute, there are from 2,000 to 3,000 people doing the preparation work every second to make it happen. The performance took place in perfect harmony and without any hiccups for a single second.

Mr. Dan Parise, working for Roc Nation, entertainment company and production of “Super Bowl halftime show” said: “This show is a combination of many things together, from singers, dancers. work, lighting effects, other special effects…

It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle. And so that when the performance is over, everything is returned to its original condition without a single scratch on the pitch for the game to continue.”

It is known that this year, due to the Super Bowl being held on a modern Hard Rock field, it should allow organizers to deploy the most advanced sound and light equipment, and set up a stage exactly as desired. Therefore, it promises to create the most spectacular performance in Super Bowl history.

Also coincidentally, 2 female singers performing, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, are also fans of the globally popular and passionate football sport.

Singer Jennifer Lopez has been to England many times to watch clubs in the English Premier League play. And Shakira, is the wife of Barcelona midfielder Gerard Pique for a long time.

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