Interior design trends forecast to prevail in 2022

Interior design trends forecast to prevail in 2022

Entering the year 2022, there are new interior styles to the throne, but there are also styles that are still popular over the years. Interior design trends in 2022 will be towards bringing natural elements into the living space, restructuring functional areas to suit the needs of working from home and shopping for furniture and accessories. more purposefully.

Interior design trends forecast to prevail in 2022

The sharp lines of the mid-century modern style will still be popular, but increasingly leaning towards softer and more feminine shapes.

Designer Linda Hayslett of LH.Designed said: “2022 will be the year of true artistic furniture. The interior will become more refined and be the perfect combination of form and style. function. Think of soft curves like a beautiful bare back. People are looking for comfort that comes with fun pops of color that make a home look more interesting.”

Alex Liepman, founder of the art agency DROOL, said: “Exquisite furniture is one of the key design trends in 2021 and it will continue to flourish in 2022. Curves are both feminine and feminine. Comfort makes the room feel cozy and safe. If you like incorporating some bold colors in your room then furniture with curves will help make the perfect combination.”

This is the most popular interior style in the UK and USA. Shaker style is appreciated for its neat and simple living space. Shaker kitchen design emphasizes and upholds these principles with perfect proportions, wings, simple surfaces, and clean lines.

Kate Lester Interiors designer Kate Lester said: “I think 2022 is the year that more creative wardrobe styles are going to go mainstream. If you want a more contemporary look to your home, get it. something different, like the vertical paneling”.

Designer Sarah Stacey of Sarah Stacey Interior Design adds: “Shaker cabinets with beveled corners are gaining popularity again. This type of cabinet has long since fallen out of favor. However, the trend is shifting away from those that are not. standard Shaker cabinets and instead the artisans will focus on chamfering the styles and rails of the cabinet for a more unique shape.”

Georgie Smith and Hilary Gibbs, founders of recycled brick company LIVDEN, say: “Sustainability is a new source of inspiration – and by 2022 we predict sustainable design products will be at the top of the list. Next year and beyond, we will see green technology widely installed in homes From smart thermostats to innovative recycled water systems, homeowners will not only be more conscious in their consumption, but also actively seek to reduce water and energy use.”

The concept of sustainability in interior design is to ensure that the production and supply of products do not have much impact on the environment and society.

Products that are easy to disassemble, integrate many utilities in one are specific examples. High applicability and long service life can limit the disposal or purchase of too many furniture, reducing emissions in the production process.

The combination of many different styles in one space is a trend of much interest. A few small details of other designs can also bring a “new breeze” to a living space.

According to Morse Design designer Andi Morse: “A room in 2022 will be composed of many styles, as many as possible. There will be soft velvet rugs and rough fabrics combined with furniture. woven and sisal rugs or a bohemian macrame in a minimalist home. These elements add warmth, creating an inviting space.”

“Next year we’ll see modern interpretations of Paris-inspired designs as a popular trend,” said Kelley Carter, Bloomingdales’ Home Fashion Director. and materials will be the focal point, with pastels and metals coming together to create a poetic space and incorporating designs made of materials like colored glass or crystal to create a luminous effect. It’s a way to brighten up the space and create a warm atmosphere typical of Parisian culture.”

Foyer – English means rest room, lounge in a theater or villa. Larger, it also includes the floor lobby, the hallway of the interior space.

It is the first impression, the message about the style that the designer and homeowner want to show. The designers predict that the foyer design – including the foyer and bathroom – will receive a lot of love and attention this year.

HMS Interiors designer Hillary Stamm said: “One of my favorite new trends for 2022 is fun in the foyer. This is the first place guests see when they enter your home, so that’s why. Don’t be afraid to make it great! From vintage rugs to books and baskets, create a stylish yet welcoming vibe.”

Classic pieces of furniture will make a comeback as the design world begins to move towards more sustainable options for home decor. This represents the user’s responsibility to the environment. Therefore, items and materials from the “grandparents” era will return in 2022 with a new spirit but still inherit the classic value.

Another reason for a return to vintage: For months now, supply chain issues have been a top concern for anyone building a home, redecorating a room, or even buying a gift. housewarming. As a natural response, consumers will return to buy second-hand items, especially furniture or home accessories.

Elise Home’s Lauren Meichtry explains: “Transportation costs and raw material prices are increasing to the point where designers dare not recommend them to clients. Vintage items are even becoming desirable. . After doing some research, I found some beautiful vintage pieces brought back to life with new upholstery.”

This trend focuses on creating calming environments with passive lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants, creating a visual connection with nature. The close connection with nature will help the house eliminate “toxins” such as humidity, toxic air, …

The focus on green in home decor trends for 2022 is increased by the conservation of the environment and the love of plants. Before that, the presence of greenery became more and more popular in design whether the purpose was to bring nature inside or simply refresh the house with natural colors.

Designer Hayslett said: “Over the past year, open-plan designs that are close to nature have proven their appeal, and this is likely to continue into 2022. The colors of the designs are often chosen. most combinations based on archetypes from nature”.

Designer Caroline Turner adds: “Green always works great in interiors, especially when the client asks for a comfortable space.”

The pandemic continues with new variations appearing, most likely, people still tend to work from home. Therefore, the need for a comfortable home office becomes more and more urgent. If you don’t have a plan to renovate or change your house, try rearranging your furniture to reserve a separate corner for a desk instead of using a dining table or sofa to work – both inconvenient and annoying. to health.

For the workspace arranged in the family, we do not need to be too formal, but should harmoniously combine with the existing furniture, combined with the remaining spaces of other areas. Thereby leading to the appearance of working corners integrated next to existing furniture, adjacent to bookshelves or using smart folding furniture.

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