Instructions on how to make Bliztcrank pull 2 ​​targets at the same time is extremely simple

Instructions on how to make Bliztcrank pull 2 ​​targets at the same time is extremely simple

In the two most recent versions, most of Ornn’s equipment from the Mythical Forge Technology Core has been continuously strengthened and this is also a condition for Tactics Arena gamers in season 6 to choose. choose them for a variety of purposes.

Instructions on how to make Bliztcrank pull 2 ​​targets at the same time is extremely simple

In addition, in the Mythical Forge , there is a most notable update that is the Rocket Hand, specifically, Riot Games has added a small change to make the Rocket Hand much more valuable. much more than before. Specifically, in previous versions, when Rocket Hand operated with a way of choosing a target that “overrides” Blitzcrank’s skills, no one wanted to choose Rocket Hand even when other equipment was superior. .

But with the current change, this item will no longer mistakenly select the injection that Blitzcrank is about to pull, but it will pull the farthest target.

With this change, Blitzcrank will be able to pull up to 2 enemy champions at once, rendering the opponent’s cornering strategy almost completely useless. In that case, the opposing player will also have to lose 2 more good pieces to “decoy” to protect the main, making the formation of the squad become messy.

This is an extremely interesting new interaction that gamers can try with Rocket Hand, even if equipped with the Wind God Sword, it will make the opponent’s main force more vulnerable than ever.

League of Legends: Riot Games added a series of famous memes to the new emotes in season 12

Despite having passed a long way of more than 10 years, League of Legends is still one of the most popular MOBA games of all time, becoming a popular name in many different regions. Not to mention this game also has a huge Esports system with a series of tournaments held every year, most notably MSI 2021 and Worlds 2021 just held last season.

Of course, Riot Games also always wants to keep its game renewed every day, so not only changes in game mechanics through new updates, but Riot also adds emotes. to let each gamer’s match become much more colorful.

And in the upcoming season 12 update, Riot Games has added a series of new expressions and quickly received the attention of the gaming community, the reason being that these emotes are reinvented versions of memes. famous all over the world. From the expression of hot TikToker Khaby Lame for general Ekko, or the image of Renekton is exactly like the famous “green dinosaur” meme.

For a long time, the emote system of League of Legends has been loved by many gamers because it helps gamers express their emotions through in-game situations, from highlights to breathtaking victories. These expressions are not only used by casual gamers but also by many professional players. thinks that if Riot Games continues to combine these emotes with the legendary memes of netizens, gamers will certainly be more excited to buy them, along with buying the costumes of the generals. some.

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