How to choose the right women’s ring for your hand shape

How to choose the right women's ring for your hand shape

Owners of bud hands with soft, elongated fingers can freely change the style with many different ring designs. Ideally, you should choose a ring with a moderate size, with a stone face of the same size as the ring to perfectly accentuate the fingers.

How to choose the right women’s ring for your hand shape

Usually this type of hand will have a narrow rectangular palm, so you should choose a ring with a small, moderate shape to help your hands be more harmonious and balanced. Besides, you should also avoid designs with thick plates because it will make small hands look “oversized”.

With chubby hands, a thin ring will sink on the fingers, and a ring that is too big will make the fingers shorter. Therefore, you should choose a ring with a moderate version, with a rectangular, diamond, teardrop or double ring type to “cheat” the length of your finger.

If you have “oversized” hands, medium rings, oval or diamond shaped bright stones are exactly for you.

Each skin color with different shades and shades will suit different jewelry colors. To determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone, you can look at the skin on your wrist in natural light. If the veins under the skin are green, you have warm-toned skin. As for people with cold skin tones, the veins will have a positive color or purple heart.

For those with warm skin tones, jewelry with warm colors like gold , red , pink , or metallic is definitely for you. Besides, white stones like diamonds are also a perfect choice. These colors will resonate with warm skin tones, giving you a sweet, pleasant look.

In contrast to warm skin tones, girls with cool skin tones prefer to choose rings with colors located at the bottom of the palette such as blue, green or silver. This combination will bring a sense of harmony and highlight your skin tone surprisingly.

In between warm tones and cool tones is neutral skin tone, also known as neutral undertone. Women who own this skin tone are quite easy to choose a ring color, because all light and dark shades are easily compatible with their skin.

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