Fashion house chanel backs the movie project spencer to decipher princess diana’s bourgeois style

Fashion house chanel backs the movie project spencer to decipher princess diana's bourgeois style

The fashion house Chanel will financially support the movie “Spencer” starring brand ambassador Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. It is known that this is the third time the French luxury fashion brand has financially supported a film project.

Fashion house chanel backs the movie project spencer to decipher princess diana’s bourgeois style

Surely, everyone knows or has heard at least once about the British royal icon for a while, Princess Diana. Although more than two decades after her death, the stories of this British princess are still mentioned by the public as an unshakable royal fashion icon. After successfully conveying the torment and despair of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis after the assassination of her husband, US President John F. Kennedy in “Jackie” (2016), director Pablo Larraín continued to testify.

Extract the inner world of Princess Diana from her real life story. The film revolves around a weekend in 1991 when the late Princess of Wales enjoyed Christmas with her family at Queen Elizabeth II’s royal Sandringham Estate and the rift of her marriage to the Prince. Charles.

In addition to the talented cast, the film is also attracted by the classic bourgeois style wardrobe. To do so, both director Pablo Larraín, costume designer Jacqueline Durran and actress Kristen Stewart sat together to choose. Accompanying them to build a wardrobe for Kristen Stewart’s character is a “giant” in the luxury fashion industry Chanel.

This handshake can be seen as Chanel’s dedication to supporting cinematic creativity, and in this case the story of an icon, Princess Diana, by brand ambassador Kristen Stewart role “, a representative of the French fashion house shared.

With this collaboration between Chanel and the “Spencer” crew, they will assist with lending and re-designing some of the vintage designs in the fashion house’s archives for Kristen Stewart to wear for the shoot. As a result, costume designer Durran can freely elevate the luxury level of the movie’s costumes as best as possible as well as exuding the very elegant elegance of Princess Diana.

In order to revive the elegant beauty of the Princess of Wales on the screen, designer Jacqueline Durran focused on exploiting her style of dress in the period 1988 – 1992. Thereby, the costume designer wanted to find common ground in choosing. Princess Diana’s outfits and discover her favorite pieces from the period.

The answer is the color-block color scheme, gold buttons, contrast lapels, turtlenecks, high-waisted pants, cropped jeans with high heels. In order to tell the story that many people have come to know truthfully, it is important to find the meaningful difference between formal wear and nominal casual wear. Princess of Wales or Diana Frances Spencer herself.


The color-block scheme is considered one of the easy ways to create accents for the girls’ fashion style. However, not everyone is confident with combining colors so that the whole is not disproportionate. Therefore, the appearance of the color wheel becomes an effective assistant to help the ladies fly freely with brilliant color schemes.

The color wheel is a pie chart that depicts the relationship between different color shades. Before that, the great mathematician and most influential scientist of all time Isaac Newton developed the first color wheel in his book “Opticks” published in 1704. Accordingly, he arranged 7 colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple on the asymmetric color wheel.

In 1810, writer and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe introduced another color wheel in a symmetrical fashion with only 6 tones (except for indigo in Isaac Newton’s palette), similar to the palette used. widely today. To this day, illustrators and fashion designers rely on the color wheel to create eye-catching color schemes for their unique creations.

The color wheel is divided into 3 basic levels. In the color model RYB (short for Red-Yellow-Blue) is the primary colors or primary colors including red, yellow and blue. When primary colors are mixed together, they form secondary colors, including green, orange, and purple. Finally, mixing primary and secondary colors will create tertiary colors, including magenta pink (red + purple), vermillion red (red + orange), amber (yellow + orange), chartreuse blue (yellow + blue). leaves), teal green (blue+green) and violet violet (blue+purple).

Start with similar shades: These are color shades that are next to each other on the color wheel and carry the same primary tone. When starting to try out new colors for casual looks, start with a color that is safe and works well with a variety of events, such as blue. On the color wheel, blue usually ranges from teal blue to violet blue. Therefore, highlighting the overall set with 2 colors next to each other on the color wheel is a perfect choice and can be applied to any style.

Fly in with complementary colors: Shades of colors that are located opposite each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. When combined together, they easily create accents for the outfit thanks to the high contrast, but not so that the set becomes confusing, but make the whole new and more eye-catching. With this choice, ladies can combine fuchsia pink with chartreuse blue, or burgundy red with forest green to feel the innovation in the color scheme.

Breaking the way with seemingly impossible accessories: It’s time for women to step out of their comfort zone in the outfits featuring the old-fashioned dress code. Why don’t you try to innovate your style with new hybrids such as combining tailoring clothes with today’s most fashionable sporty-chic? Accordingly, fashion items such as caps, sneakers, bucket hats, headbands (or bandanas) … become “treasures” that elevate the trendy style of elegant tailoring sets.

Play with neutral shades: For a long time, neutrals have always been the perfect choice to combine with bright colors, but when combined with neutral shades, they become useless. equally luxurious and flamboyant. Of course, most neutral colors can be combined with each other, and it is even easy to layer layers to create an eye-catching layering effect.

“Treat” denim as a neutral: Treat denim as a neutral, which means women can pair it with any color scheme, even blues and items. denim to create a denim-on-denim combo that never goes out of style.

Build your wardrobe based on the color wheel: Now, ladies can simplify the process of choosing their daily outfits by organizing their wardrobes according to the colors of the color wheel. Not only does this save time searching for what you want to wear, but it also makes color matching easier. Just holding an item you want to wear and placing it next to other items in the closet, you will see which is the most suitable color scheme for you.

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