Best environmentally friendly advent calendars for Christmas 2021

Best environmentally friendly advent calendars for Christmas 2021

The main thrill of a large occasion is usually in the build-up, which is why, as we near the conclusion of another year, sales of advent calendars are skyrocketing. As we get closer to December 25, the treat-a-day present has evolved from basic boxes filled with bite-sized bits of chocolate to packages bursting at the seams with gin miniatures, beauty blockbusters, and even stationery waiting to be unearthed behind festively adorned windows.

Best environmentally friendly advent calendars for Christmas 2021

Yet, if we all adopt the current three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), there is a way to participate in the holiday celebration without harming the environment. How? Choose a finely crafted wooden calendar that you can refill year after year and that is appropriate for both children and adults. The expertly crafted boxes are timeless artefacts that will be happily rediscovered by new generations of treat-seekers. There are a variety of types available, ranging from hygge-inducing woodland vistas to awe-inspiring patterns, that you may fill with a wealth of your own surprises. They’re perfect for parents who wish to give their children an age-appropriate or instructive gift, or just something other than chocolate every day. What’s with the cincher? They are extremely cost-effective because you only need to update the gifts every December rather than purchasing a new advent calendar. Reusable wooden advent calendars aren’t only for kids; they’re also a terrific idea for adults, allowing you to enjoy a cornucopia of personalised treats every day as you count down to Christmas.

Clever Creations’ Shooting Star Snowy Village 24 Day Advent Calendar

We can’t imagine a child (or, come to think of it, most adults) who wouldn’t be blown away if they received this calendar on December 1st. It’s exquisitely detailed, with a traditional Christmas village diorama and a massive shooting star crowned by none other than Santa Claus and his reindeer. This heirloom piece is made of durable, high-quality wood and is battery operated. It will provide you with many years of delight.

Advent Calendar with a Wooden House

Hobbycraft provides this house-shaped shell with 24 drawers that you can paint and decorate to your liking for a truly unique take on an advent calendar. Paint, fabric swatches, buttons, and sequins can all be used to make an advent calendar for the kids. They’ll appreciate it even more if they helped create it.

3D Large Advent Calendar with Gingerbread House

This is the kind of calendar you’d see in a classic 80s Christmas movie, super-cute and with more than a few throwback stripes. There are 24 windows behind which to hide your surprises ahead of the big day, finished to look like a quintessenial gingerbread mansion.

Advent Calendar for Christmas in the Woods

This lovely calendar replaces the daily delights of opening modest gifts with the simple pleasures of ornamenting a wooden fir tree. It’s a gorgeous piece that will bring seasonal happiness to any kid’s bedroom, and it’s perfect for younger children who may be too young to appreciate a traditional calendar.

Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas

This cheerful wooden advent from Melissa & Doug allows children to share in the excitement of Christmas. Little ones may help countdown the days to Christmas by hanging 24 magnetic ornaments on the tree, one for each day until December 25.

Christmas Refillable Wooden Decoration Countdown Advent Calendar

From 12-day sleigh-shaped calendars to post-modern Christmas trees with 24 gift windows, Amazon has a huge assortment of amusing advent calendars. They’re so well-made that you may use them as Christmas decorations in every room of your home.

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