Before you go to Hawaii for Covid-19 here’s what you need to know

Before you go to Hawaii for Covid-19 here's what you need to know

As Covid numbers reach new highs, Hawaii has warned tourists to stay away from the state, but has stopped short of banning visitors entirely. “We know that it is not a good time to travel to the islands,” Gov. David Ige said on August 23. “Visitors who opt to visit the islands will not have the conventional vacation that they expect.”

Before you go to Hawaii for Covid-19 here’s what you need to know

Tourists will face rental car shortages, as well as limited access to restaurants and other eating establishments, according to Ige. The following measures have been implemented by the state: Indoor social events are limited to no more than 10 individuals, while outdoor gatherings are limited to no more than 25 persons. Customers in restaurants, bars, and other public places must sit with their parties at least 6 feet apart. Indoors, the maximum group size is ten people, while outside, the maximum group size is twenty-five people. Except when actively eating or drinking, masks must be worn at all times. Mixing is not permitted. Indoor capacity is set at 50% for all high-risk activities. Bars, restaurants, gyms, and social establishments all fall within this category. Unless a new order is issued, the statewide restrictions will be in effect until October 18.

The fundamentals

Domestic travelers who have been properly vaccinated for Covid-19 in the United States are no longer required to undergo pre-travel testing or quarantine in Hawaii. Travelers must also upload their CDC-issued immunization card to the state’s Safe Travels Program website and bring it with them when they arrive. Visitors who haven’t been fully vaccinated must nevertheless provide a negative Covid-19 test result done 72 hours or fewer before the final leg of their journey to be admitted. A negative test result is required for all flying passengers entering the United States. Details on which test kinds are particularly permitted for the state of Hawaii, including for Americans traveling from other states, can be found below.

What’s on the menu

Hawaii visitors can expect spectacular surfing, sandy beaches, traditional Pacific culture, and rocky volcanoes. Hawaii’s unique geographical location and historic history set it apart from the rest of the United States.

Who is eligible to attend?

Travelers from other US states (who have not been vaccinated), Canada, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea’s Incheon International Airport, Tahiti, and Taiwan are exempt from Hawaii’s statutory 10-day quarantine on most islands if they follow strict pre-travel testing guidelines (see below). Aside from those countries, Hawaii follows CDC standards, which means that anyone who has visited Brazil, China, the European Schengen Area, Iran, India, Ireland, South Africa, or the United Kingdom in the previous 14 days will be denied admission. All visitors from foreign nations are subject to a 10-day quarantine. As the situation develops, keep an eye on the Safe Travels Hawai’i website for updates. All visitors must also fill out a Safe Travels Hawaii form, and many will be subjected to a health exam when they arrive. Upon arrival, a few islands also demand a second Covid-19 test.

What are the constraints?

Currently, passengers must either undergo a 10-day quarantine or present a negative test from a “trusted partner,” a list of which may be accessed on the Hawaii Covid-19 website, if they are traveling from one of the countries listed above. Domestic passengers who are fully vaccinated can still avoid pre-travel testing and quarantine. Getting a test from one of Hawaii’s approved Trusted Testing Partners will be especially important for air travelers 5 and older entering Hawaii from abroad, because some tests accepted under the US testing entry requirement that went into effect in January would not allow travelers to bypass Hawaii’s quarantine. Unless completely vaccinated, travelers, including those arriving from the US mainland, must have a negative test result before departing on the final stage of their trip to Hawaii. Before flying to the islands, you must upload your test results to the Safe Travels Hawaii website or print them off and have them ready to give when you arrive.

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