American sports star and famous girlfriend used a private jet to escape from Peru

American sports star and famous girlfriend used a private jet to escape from Peru

Midfielder Aaron Rodgers of the American football club Green Bay Packers had to use a private plane to flee Peru to return home just before the airport here was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

American sports star and famous girlfriend used a private jet to escape from Peru

Rodgers on March 27 described panic and fear as he recounted his hasty departure with three other people from the South American country, including his girlfriend Danica Patrick – a world famous female car racer. . Rodgers – one of the best athletes in American football history, said the main reason for their timely escape from Peru was because they had a private jet amid concerns about the Covid-19 epidemic.

“When we got to the airport at 7am, it was packed with people and you couldn’t move. I was thinking that this situation is not very safe. Not many masks. But in many ways we got to the plane when they closed the airport because the weather was really bad,” the 36-year-old midfielder said.

According to AFP, Rodgers arrived in Peru on March 18 to work on a Hollywood movie project . “It was actually quite challenging. No one chased us or kept us, thankfully. There were times when we were worried we wouldn’t be able to get out,” the American football star midfielder said.

Rodgers, who lives in Malibu, California, said he and his girlfriend Danica Patrick are safe and healthy. None of his Peruvian companions were infected with Covid-19. However, this star returned to the US when the country was facing a raging Covid-19 epidemic situation with more than 101,000 infected people and more than 1,500 deaths (as of the morning of March 28).

Sports STARs fell into the hands of “hot movie” beauties: Despite public outrage

American football player (NFL) – Jimmy Garoppolo after leaving the New England Patriots club moved to the San Francisco 49ers with a salary of $ 37 million / season, the highest-paid player in 2018.

Famous, talented and extremely handsome, Jimmy is the desire of many beautiful girls, but this 26-year-old player has a very special choice. According to what TMZ recorded, the player worth hundreds of millions of dollars is dating the 41-year-old “hot movie” actress Kiara Mia .

Garoppolo is a mature guy above all he is a big player so it cannot be said that he did not think before dating Kiara Mia but his choice did not satisfy the audience. The audience continuously went to this player’s social networking site to advise him not to interact with the other hot actress, because it could affect his performance.

Since the appointment on the evening of July 18, the “talented boy and girl” couple, 15 years older than the male, have kept in contact and met many more times, they seem to be a couple that is difficult to separate. “I have a private life off the field, I don’t want to be public about personal matters. I’m an adult and I do what I feel is right,” Garoppolo told the media.

“Jimmy and I had a wonderful dinner, he treated me with respect. I really appreciate his graciousness,” 41-year-old beauty Mia said of the 26-year-old player after the date.

Johnny Manziel, a colleague and friend of Jimmy’s, defended: “Let’s all let him (Jimmy) live his life. He can date anyone, know any girl, as long as he is still in good form on the field.”

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