Abandoned baby boy in the cemetery

Abandoned baby boy in the cemetery

three-year-old boy and his pet dog were left behind by the driver of a blue car in an Ohio state cemetery and discovered by a resident. Police in Hinkley City, Medina County, Ohio, USA, went to Hope Memorial Gardens cemetery on December 23 after receiving a report and discovered that little Tony was there alone with his dog.

Abandoned baby boy in the cemetery

A witness saw a blue car run away from the cemetery, while Tony and his dog ran after the vehicle. The boy was then handed over to a child care facility while police identified his parents. A relative saw Tony’s photo on police Facebook and contacted the boy’s father.

The boy was raised by his mother at the time of his abandonment and is currently in the care of his aunt and uncle while the police investigate. Police said Tony’s father was “very cooperative” with them as well as child protection. Before the boy’s parents were identified, many people in northeast Ohio sent him gifts and clothes to help Tony have a wonderful Christmas. The Hinckley Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook a photo showing gifts flooding the lobby.

“We want to thank the kind people who wanted to buy Tony a Christmas present, take care of him and adopt him. You guys are amazing people and that’s why we have such a great community. like this in Hinckley,” police tweeted.

Newborn baby abandoned in toilet, 13 women searched

Australia asks Qatar to respond to the case of 13 citizens having to undress to examine their bodies because of an abandoned infant at Doha airport. Flight QR908 to Sydney, scheduled to depart from Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, at 8:30 a.m. on October 2, was delayed for four hours by an infant found in the airport toilet.

The Australian government today expressed “grave concern” at the “absolutely insulting and inappropriate treatment” of female passengers on a Qatar Airways flight to Sydney who were asked to disembark. in Doha and had to undress for a medical examination. “The government has officially expressed its deep concern to the Qatari authorities. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has stepped in through diplomacy,” Australian Foreign Office spokeswoman Marise Payne said.

Payne later informed the matter had been referred to the Australian federal police for investigation. She said Qatar’s ambassador to Canberra was also informed, adding that the Australian government was waiting for a response from local authorities about what happened at the airport.

The women were “provided with appropriate support” upon arrival in Australia and during quarantine. Payne declined to answer a question if the men had been sexually assaulted, saying “haven’t seen the detailed report of the incident”. Doha Airport confirmed when the baby was found still alive. They explained that due to concerns about the health of the mother who had just given birth, medical experts asked to identify the mother before the plane departed.

Among the 34 passengers on board was Dr Wolfgang Babeck, who returned to Australia after a month in Germany to take care of his sick father. Babeck said after about three hours of waiting on the plane, the airline asked all female passengers to leave. When they returned, “most were extremely upset,” he said.

“There was at least one person crying, they discussed what happened and said it was disgusting and unacceptable,” he recounts. The plane was then allowed to take off. Babeck said he spoke with several female passengers, who said they were taken off the plane and led into a private area of ​​the airport for a medical check-up.

“They were brought into the room by security, not understanding what was going on,” Babeck said. “They have to see a female doctor and take off their clothes, all of them, even their underwear. The doctor examines the uterus and under the stomach, the lower abdomen, to see if they’ve just given birth.”

“Some people have been informed that the authorities have just found a newborn baby in the toilet and they are trying to find the mother of the child,” he said. Channel Seven, which first reported on October 25, said 13 Australian female citizens were checked and this took place in an ambulance on the runway.

Qatar Airways said it had not been contacted by any of the passengers on the flight and said it could not comment. “We take the concerns and sufferings of Australian passengers reported seriously by the media, and will investigate the matter with the relevant authorities,” a Qatar Airways spokesman said.

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