6 hit fashion movies and the meaning behind the “special” outfit

6 hit fashion movies and the meaning behind the "special" outfit

Costumes play an important role in expressing the character’s personality and film setting. Especially in the following 6 fashion movies, you will be surprised when the costumes in the farewell segment of the actresses carry meaningful meanings.

6 hit fashion movies and the meaning behind the “special” outfit

Nearly 18 years on, Legally Blonde remains one of the most exciting fashion movies ever. Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) inspired all audiences about a woman who constantly strives to achieve success, daring to overcome social prejudices to affirm that: “Blonde hair” is not must be stupid.

In the dating scene of Elle Woods with her “marshal” lover Water Huntington III (Matthew Davis), she was proposed to break up for the extremely ironic reason of her blonde hair. Contrary to the image of crying and lamenting, Elle looks extremely gorgeous with her pink sleeveless dress bearing her “princess” personality.

This is a fashion film that completely scored points in the eyes of believers when it erased the image of a serious female lawyer with a rigid black uniform with a trendy outfit with soft pink tones by designer Sophie de Rakoff Carbonell.

The story begins with the wacky topic “How to “kick” a guy in 10 days?” that reporter Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) had to do. Ironically, she meets a guy Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) who is also betting with a group of colleagues that he can make a beautiful girl fall in love with him. The two entered the underground war, she was trying to get out of him, and he was trying to avoid being “kicked” by her.

Memorable scene when Andie appeared at Benjamin’s company party with a lemon yellow cocktail dress by designer Karen Patch. This dress has become iconic for its sexy silhouette, showing off her full back in a subtle way.

Besides, the 87-carat Isadora diamond necklace of Harry Winston brand, worth 5 million US dollars, turned Andie into the queen of the gala. This parting scene made the movie a favorite of many.

Black, the dominant color in Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway)’s outfit, helped highlight her white skin and graceful features. Accompanying accessories such as eyeglasses, necklaces, beret hats, high heels from high-end brands also make women desire to own.

Andrea Sachs looked extremely elegant and trendy in a patterned silk blouse and black blazer jacket. In this scene, her boyfriend, Nate (Adrian Grenier) broke up because he couldn’t stand his girlfriend’s indifference. Although sad, the brave girl still exudes strength.

As one of the classic fashion films, more than 25 years have passed, Pretty Woman still holds a certain position in the hearts of the audience. Famous costume designer Marilyn Vance created the character Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) from the time she was a florist, dressed in revealing clothes until she changed her life by wearing classy Chanel outfits. , becoming a charming lady full of persuasion.

Vivian Ward develops feelings for Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) and wants a real relationship with him. When they parted, Vivian wore a very elegant yet full of personality. A white sleeveless shirt paired with elegant pastel orange high-waisted pants was a ’90s fashion, expressing the declaration of an independent woman.

Reminiscent of the golden era of Hollywood that took place in a contemporary setting, La La Land is a dance-music piece that has been praised by film critics. The success of the film is also in the design of the costumes by designer Mary Zophres, which is especially attractive besides the music.

Thought that Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) would have a happy ending after Mia got the role that started her career. In the regretful parting scene, both wore blue outfits, the color symbolizing peace and strength. Although they have chosen to go their separate ways, they will still watch over each other, hope and believe in a good future for the “old one”.

Crazy rich asians is the latest fashion movie with a famous Asian-American cast in 2018. The most memorable scene was when Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) wore a blue Marchesa dress to look like a Cinderella.” wedding of the year” between Araminta and Colin.

The party space opens up to a beautiful fairy tale world until Nick and Rachel’s relationship ends. She hastily left the party because she was insulted by his mother. The “Cinderella” dress quickly faded as Rachel’s run brought pain and disappointment.

The character Astrid (Gemma Chan) is also attractive with her sophisticated fashion sense, especially in the scene where she announced her divorce from Michael (Pierre Png) after discovering he had an affair. Realizing he was a man of inferiority and lack of bravery, Astrid walked in a pair of high-waisted white pants and a feminine chiffon shirt. This is a symbol of Astrid’s feminine vibe but still retains the strong, determined attitude of Astrid.

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