10 movies that inspire endlessly about classic fashion

10 movies that inspire endlessly about classic fashion

Not only is the element serving the look, the fashion in the film also plays the role of “Easter Eggs” containing the character’s personality and inner character, thereby conveying the story to the viewer in the most clear way. . Whether it’s black and white footage of the last century or sharp color films in the present, the fashion element has always been meticulously elaborated by designers and filmmakers to create the most complete works of art. Let’s take a look at 10 fashion movies that inspire classic style lovers with ELLE

10 movies that inspire endlessly about classic fashion

After appearing in a number of films and musicals, Audrey Hepburn first had the opportunity to take on the lead role with the film Roman Holiday (1953). In the film, she plays the princess Ann who runs away from the palace, embarking on an adventure with a romantic journalist. In the first part, the image of Hepburn is associated with luxurious and gorgeous ballgown dresses.

In the second half of the film, she transforms into an active and mischievous girl, but still does not lose her beauty and elegance. Flat shoes, midi skirt and white shirt are the items that portray the portrait of a liberal girl, yearning for freedom.

Although it is only black and white footage, the female lead’s outstanding personality and fashion sense still attracts viewers through each frame. The image of a carefree princess smiling and joking on a Vespa has become a famous symbol, causing many women to learn from the female star’s graceful gesture and simple but delicate outfit. The film not only won the award for Best Costume Design, but also brought Audrey Hepburn the Best Actress award at the 1954 Oscars.

Besides Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly is the second fashion icon of the 50s. High Society (1956) was the last film Grace Kelly participated in before becoming Princess of Monaco. In the movie, princess Tracy Samantha often appears with graceful outfits, exalting her body curves as well as her high-class demeanor.

In particular, designer Helen Rose’s classic floral wedding dress is highly appreciated for its creativity, creating the trend of using white hats and gloves many years later. Not only that, the one-piece swimsuit with split skirts also became one of the top designs in the movie and made the fans “crazy” for a long time.

The film is about a police chase with a reckless criminal named Michel. Parallel to that is Michel’s strange love affair with ambitious reporter Patricia, played by American actress Jean Seberg. Breathless has shown viewers the spontaneous and “disruptive” journey of experiences of young people in a world with rigid frameworks. Attached to the classic footage is the image of Patricia and a series of plaid pattern items “undefeated” ahead of time.

Talking about fashion movies, it would be a big mistake not to mention the lady Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn in the all-time classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). The image of a young girl with a Givenchy long black dress, opera gloves, a layered pearl necklace and a small crown walking on the boulevard in the early morning must never fade in the memory of fans.

Since then, the concept of ” little black dress ” refers to simple, sophisticated and elegant black dresses, suitable for luxurious events or even for everyday wear, has become a symbol in the dictionary of the times. Page. Besides, there are still many other trendy outfits you need to discover in this beautiful piece to this moment.

Although more than 30 years have passed, Pretty Woman still occupies a special place in the list of classic fashion movies in the hearts of fans. The film tells the love relationship between “prostitute” Vivian Ward and Edward Lews. The heroine’s clothing collection ranges from glamorous, rebellious designs to elegant yet stylish outfits.

The sad love song Atonement (2007) seems to be the fashion catwalk of the British rose Keira Knightley. Designer Jacqueline Durran has meticulously chosen costumes that match the character’s personality, the era and the context in which the film takes place. Thanks to that, after airing, the film was warmly welcomed by fans, trying to take the heroine’s wardrobe off the screen. In the film, Keira Knightley often wears chiffon or silk costumes with floral prints to radiate softness and femininity.

In addition, the emerald green satin leather dress designed by designer Jacqueline Durran for Lady Cecillia Tallis was voted as one of the “Best Costumes of All Time” and made the film the focal point of the film. of attention. The long dress has a high slit in the front, revealing sexy bare shoulders and back. The waist belt accentuates the slim figure of the wearer. Despite the modest first round, Keira Knightley is really sexy in this outfit.

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